Hey ladies,
Had to share. My friend sent me a free software that allows you to compare prices on items before you buy them. It's sooo cool. I love it. www.myshoppinggenie.com/bestsavings.
Ever wish you could wave a magic wand and have access to compare all the prices on items you'd like to buy? Well my friend turned me on to the coolest software. It's called My Shopping Genie. WWW.MYSHOPPINGGENIE.COM/BESTSAVINGS.

First Google a product you'd like to buy i.e Ipod.
Google brings up the Ipod.
My Shopping Genie has a toolbar that's placed at the bottom of your screen and you can hit compare.
It brings up all of the places that have the item you're searching for in your area of town and compares prices for you so you know who has it for the least amount of money.
It pulls for store fronts and online merchants.
You can even narrow your search and ask it to show you who all has it for free shipping and it will do so.
It's pretty cool.

I love to save time and money and this does both so I don't have to search from store to store trying to compare prices myself.
The link is totally safe, no spyware on anything. Just a cool shopping tool. Check it out. It takes 3 minutes to download. www.myshoppinggenie.com/bestsavings.



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