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How long did it take you to feel really good about the design of your blog? I like the way mine looks for the most part, and then, I want something different. I'd hate to lose readers because of constant changes.
How often do you make changes in layout, images, header, etc. and do you think it affected your following?

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I don't make frequent changes to the overall layout of any of my blogs, however I do make small changes here and there as I learn more about html coding and as my blog grows. Even as I'm typing this I'm considering changing the header for one of my blogs, but I think as new things are brought into the blogosphere then I will continue allowing my blogs to change and grow so as to keep them modern and fresh, but without changing them so much that I lose readers. I wouldn't want them to be confused and have trouble finding things just because I can't make up my mind.
Do you really loose readers because of this? I consider that to be unfair. One thing is to change things for the best of the blog and another that the full layout and style is constantly changing (then it would make sense that you loose readers)

I started my blog in April. I started with a simple layout and as I learned more I changed things, like the background, I added a column to make it 3 column one. Added widgets here and there. Also, I've been thinking for a while in creating my header. I didn't have one. So I changed it today! Hope people like it.

I really enjoy learning about programing and the little things you can manually do! :)
Well said, Tonya.

I tweak, add gadgets, updates, etc., depending on what is going on in the world and what I am blogging about at the time.

I did do a big overhaul two months ago because I finally found someone who was reasonable and who could do what I wanted, such as a header, buttons, etc.
I tweak mine often but I only do an overhaul about every 6 months. There is a danger in people not recognizing you when you change it up that regularly, but on the other hand, it's my little home on the web, so I figure it's my right to change it up when I want to. :-)
Looks like I'm with the majority. I tweak mine occasionally, but don't change my overall layout very often.
i think it depends on what background you come from, as well. Being that I'm not a "writer", I'm a web programmer, I tend to change things up more often. I don't know if I've lost any readers because of this...but on one hand I don't really care as I'm not dependent on the blog for anything other than a voice.
I was looking at everyone's blog, but when I clicked on your link, it said "page not found" on both your blog & site link. I don't know if this is a problem with my computer only or not, but thought you might want to check it out.
Again with the majority Tweak some big overhaul only once. I like my blog the way it is now except I want a new header and I need to find a way to tone down the widgets.
I think frequent tweaks and adding new gadgets and content spots are great. It keeps the site looking fresh for those who like to see what you are up to on a regular basis. But dramatic structure or look overhual--maybe once a year. Otherwise you may not be recognized. And when you are making a huge overhaul, maybe give some advance notice to your followers, i.e., "look for new site design next month with navigation improvements and more" or sometihng like that. I am constantly loving my gadgets and html boxes and list boxes around. and I did change how I add in my photos to make the site work better for readers.
I don't think changing layouts often will let you lose readers. I believe people come back to other people's blogs because of their contents. :) I only changed my layout twice since I started blogging. But I add some widgets etc every now and then and I would really love to have a new header! I just don't have the time to design it! :)
I've changed mine a few times, though once I find a style I like I leave it for a long while. I'm not completely happy with the way mine looks now, but I just need to tweak it a little. My peeve is hugely graphic intense blogs/sites that slow my already wimpin out computer down. lol


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