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Who Can Donate Their Eggs? Egg Donation and You

Who can donate their eggs? Are there risks or side effects? Does it hurt? Who is going to use my eggs? These are some examples of valid questions a young woman asks herself when deciding to become an egg donor.…

How to Save Money on Family Debt

One of the biggest challenges that modern families face, is figuring out how to spend less money,…

What Thermostat Temperature Setting Should I Use in the Summer?

In this day and age, every little bit you do to help the environment helps. Conserving energy is one of the major global concerns, and those efforts start right there in your home. But when the summer comes, many homeowners don’t give a…

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Followed you so please follow back!

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I am trying to reach 1,000 followers and I would love for you to follow me. I will follow back.!  Special gift to my 1,000 follower!!!!.

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Hi! On my way to follow you! :-P ...will leave a comment on your page! :-)

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The Adventures of LaurDoone: Chief Mommy Officer!


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Okay...I think I'm gettin this!


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Thanks ladies! ;o)))

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Cecile I am following you now!


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My blog is about Disney destinations. I post reviews, information, news, giveaways, special promotions, etc.

I am following you now!

Des R. Doligosa said:

Hi! On my way to follow you! :-P ...will leave a comment on your page! :-)

Would love a follow back too! :-D




I have a disability, and use my feet for most everything, including changing my son's diaper and feeding him. I blog about my struggles and victories with being a "disabled" parent, and often my blogs are about the meaning and joy I find in the little things. I was headline news on CNN.com last year when they did a piece on parenting with disabilities, and since then I have had the privilege to have many speaking engagements and join a speakers bureau.

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