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Making media kits are quite easy. We found a great how-to here:

We hope this helps. 

Hi There! I am new to blogging, just been writing an article for my local paper and decided to join the new milenium and start a blog! My question is about images- where do you find legit images you can use freely on your blog for low cost and great quality? Thanks! Catherine aka CaveBabyMama

Welcome to the world of blogging. You can find nice images at

Maybe other bloggers can chime in with other places where they also get really good stock photos for free. 

Thank you SO much! 

You're welcome! :)


I am a new blogger, and just started a little over a month ago. There is so much to learn and it all seems time consuming and overwhelming. I would love if I could get some feedback on my blog and thoughts about if I I am going in the right direction. Also, any thoughts on Blogger? Is it better to have my own site? Any feedback and advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Daily Dump, Life is a Shit Show

so i am a baby compared to many moms who blog on here. I do have a question, i have tons of idea and information to share on breastfeeding,but i am concerned on how i can show where i got the information from so i dont get accused of copying someone elses information.

When you cite stats or information from another site, simply link to where you got the information. 

thank you


I am new! I would love any advice you could give me! I am specifically interested in getting readers to sign up for a subscription for updates on my blog. (I have no intentions of selling the list). I am currently taking a Guest Blogging course and I am considering doing a promotion...Is a giveaway a good idea? Will people sign up just for a chance to win & have no intention of reading my posts?

If a giveaway is a good idea, what have you seen work the best? I do not have an ebook and I am not going to throw something together for the sake of a giveaway and ruin myself in the process! 

Your thoughts?

Here is my blog! I have not officially launched it...

Giveaways are a great way to get people in the door and then you can cultivate relationships with them when they sign up for your newsletter. 

Hello! I've been a blogger since 2011 but I switched to and Ehost in January of this year. I set up automatic payments and it was running smoothly until last night while working on a post. My account was suspended! :( It was a day before my automatic payment was supposed to come out. I never got a notice saying I was overdue and according to my bank statements I am not overdue. They've been charging my account the same day each month through problem. When I went to pay it because I was desperate to get my site up, it canceled my first automatic payment contract and started a new one. Everything is processing and it may take a day or two before my site is back up. I tried talking to an Ehost rep for help and an explanation of why I had a billing issue in the first place, but they avoided my question etc. I feel like my baby has been kidnapped for a couple days for no reason. Now to my question: How can I change to a different host but keep my same domain name? And will my site lose parts of it if I switch? I want to keep but I don't know if it will stick if I change my host. I'm so confused and I'm new to all the technical stuff. Has anyone else had an issue like this before? I feel like I've been gypped. I've put so much time and money into my site...just to have it snatched away. I don't want this to ever happen again. It looks so bad for followers to go to my site and see "account suspended". Thanks! ~Amber D.


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