Tips For Getting Girls Into Sports

Would it surprise you to know that girls are twice as likely to drop out of sporting activities through their teenage years than boys? Or to realize that most young girls start engaging in organized sports up to two whole years later than boys? …

How To Help A Friend Who Is an Addict

One of the most devastating things that can happen to any family is substance abuse in any form. Anything in excess is never good for anyone. That could be anything from too much food, exercise, alcohol or even shopping. Addictive behaviors can turn relationships upside down for those who…



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We mentioned this today on another mom's question, so we'll include it here, too for you.

The best way is to simply find other interesting mom blogs to read and then leave them comments. You want to build relationships with other mom bloggers. That brings on more readers. 

One great thing about mom blogging is that everyone likes to reciprocate commenting and following one another.

Thank you

You're welcome!

Hi Katie - Have you tried paid ads on Facebook. Even a small amount can gain you followers. Also, be sure to promote your Facebook page on your social channels that have more followers. 

Anyone have any suggestions on where I can go to have my blogs link posted? I'm interested in gaining more traffic but don't know how to go about posting my blogs link.

I am new to blogging, and have started slowly.  How often should I be posting?  What is the best way to reach my target audience?

Hi all--I'm having trouble solving a problem on my blog. I have site--I own my domain name & use BlueHost. I'm using free WordPress themes. Right now I have "Lovecraft".

My site:

Here is my problem: One of my posts has two music videos on it. Whenever someone comes to my blog, no matter what page they land on, both videos start. I went to WP forums for help and found a few fixes involving rewriting code. I tried, following instructions to the letter. It did not work.

I'd appreciate advice/fixes.



I am horrible with WP coding and had some issues with a theme I purchased. No matter what I did, it wouldn't work correctly. Personally, I think there were some things they needed to fix. I ended up being able to give the creator access to my site to make the fixes for me. Not sure if that is an option for you? Emily

Can you share the link to the post and then we can give it a look. Thanks. 

were you ble to fix your issues. WP is my thing.I would love to help.

All the best,

April Ward

Hi! I have just in the last month entered into blog world and it is overwhelming! SO much to learn in such little time. Your website is great so far and has already provided so much mommy support! My question is related to frequency of blog posts, how often do most successful bloggers post? I am trying to write excellent content at all times and each post tends to take upwards of five hours or more to write so currently have been writing once or twice a week. I am having pretty good success bringing readers in and having them share my article initially (500-1000 reads and 100-200 shares on good days) but my readers go down to almost zero the day after I post and do not go up until I post again. Also find that my second post of the week tends to not do as well as my first one. I primarily share on Facebook on my personal page as I am just starting out. Any tips? Search engines don't seem to be recognizing my blog yet... is there a timeframe on when I may get more traffic from search engines or any tips on enhancing this? I have read a little bit about SEO but it seems very complicated.

Thanks so much in advance!!

The Mama Nurse,

Most successful bloggers write at least three times a week on a very consistent basis. Some start off writing five days a week, but if you have a busy schedule that might not be feasible. We suggest starting with three because that will at least give people a reason to return. 

Sharing on social media is great. It will always pull in more readers. Be up front with your readers. Tell them that you will write Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for example, so they know when to stop by. 


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