Sometimes to get the word out about brand-new blogs, bloggers bite the bullet and advertise. Have you advertised your blog? What was your strategy? Did you have great results? Was it worth it?

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I've never advertised my blog because I'm very new at it.

I do however have a website that I started 12 or 13 years ago and it ranks in top 5-6 (#1 for years, but now with all the blogs, my ranking has slipped to 5 or 6) google searches under "single mothers". I've never advertised it either, but have ocassionally paid pr firms for a press release. And each time it was very effective.

Another thing I have done is try to time my press releases with relevant current events. Mothers Day, the media's always looking for stories about moms and I've got a lot of them. Then around Christmas, they're interested in our Angels Assistance Program and the tangible help we provide moms around the holiday.

It's time consuming, but free and effective.
Hmm.. that's interesting. I am going to do some press releases for the first time this year. Can't wait to see how they fare. Thanks for sharing.
I used entrecard for a short while... it will bring your numbers up, but really only so long as you keep doing it. Otherwise I have not advertised my blog.



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