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Recently I have been asked to guest post for a few bloggers going on vacation.

I love having guest bloggers on my site.
The question is, do you post what you would normally post on your own site?
Do you invite guest bloggers?

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Personally I love having guest bloggers. I'm open to most anyone who writes about parenting write for me. Even if it isn't directly what I normally post about I think it ads a different flavor to the blog.
I haven't actively invited guest posters, although I had a request and was happy to have her guest post on it. I think it's a fun idea. I regularly guest post on another blog and put up a craft or activity that I would have put up on my own blog.
This is a good question. I have visited some great blogs I enjoy where they have been guest blogging back and forth from their site to another's but I haven't done this myself, though I think it would be interesting to consider. I just don't know how. How does one do that? Certainly you don't supply your log in ID and password right?
The guest blogger can email the post to the owner and she puts it in, or you give her , her own password.
I think that guest blogging is a great idea as well. I have submitted a few articles to other sites and when they were posted I felt like a real celebrity! Perhaps we can start a Blog Hop group? What do you guys think?

BTW, If anyone would like to submit a Mom guest blog, please email me and I will let you know when it posts. I would love to have you! Add a pic and a short bio as well. Come on, who else wants to feel famous? (-:
Speaking of a Blog Hopping Group....Shraddha has just started a Be a guest Blogger@ TSLP-Circle of friends (-:
I have submitted a few ideas to bloggers who requested guest posters. I would post what I would on my own site. It would be interesting to see what a new set of readers thought of your post.
I have never guest posted or had others guest post on my blog but I would certainly be open to it. I think I would write something similar to what I write on my own blog with the style and readers of the blog I am guest posting on in mind. Besides filling time while you are away to me part of the idea behind guest posts is to bring a little something new into your blog and freshen things up a bit.

I haven't invited people to guest post on Evolving Mommy yet but if someone wanted to guest post then I certainly would be interested in it.
Hi Jill, thanks for the post! You are now up and running.

Click here to check out Jill's guest blog
I have guest blogged on other blogs and have requested a guest blogger, she's working on it. The post I did for another blog, I waited about a week, then posted on my blog, with "if you missed my guest post on...... here it is.

I would love to have some guest posters on my blog I am looking for bloggers who wants to feature their blog on mine, basically a description of their blog.


Please email me at momdaughterstyle(at)gmail(dot)com for more info.

I actually requested guest bloggers to run as a regular post weekly and I had about 6 replies. Of those 6 only ONE actually submitted a post to me. 2 sent me a i'm too busy reply (even though they contacted me!) and the rest never responded. Kinda frustrating!


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