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Have you ever wanted to tell a blogger something for their own good?

The other day I was visiting blogs on WW when I saw a picture of a girl, not a baby or a toddler, without a shirt on. I just wanted to leave a comment about the creeps out there looking at this.

Have you ever seen a blog that got a really bad makeover? The kind that the blogger paid way too much for and the person doing it really didn't know what they were doing?

Have you ever left a comment for the bloggers own good?

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I don't... it's tempting but I don't. I figure they obviously like their blog design because they had to approve it before the designer went further with it and finished it.

As far as the pictures of kids, it's the parents' choice to post those pictures. I definitely do not think it's bright on their part to post pics of kids in the nude. I would think that a private email warning them to be a bit cautious because people (creeps in particular) can take photos off their blog. The blogger might not like hearing it but maybe in the future they'll be more careful.
I new someone who thought the same thing about a friend posting pics of their kids. She sent a blanket email about the creeps out there. She sent it to 10-15 people so it didn't look like she was singling anyone out.
I have certainly been tempted, but I don't. If it was a close friend that I knew in person, then maybe I would bring it up when I saw her in person. Only if it was helpful - like the photo. But a site re-design, No I wouldn't. They didn't ask me.
I have and would warn someone of the dangers of posting a child without clothing. I have been through it! They get a hold of pics and it spreads like wild-fire.

As far as blog design, really I wouldn't say anything. To me that is personal choice. We don't all agree on what looks good or appeals to us.
YES! I have and I usually do say something to them privately of course.

Style is objective like someone else already mentioned--but I still give my 2 cents ;) LOL
I hold my tongue, but at the same time wish people would give me their two cents, so I don't know.....It's hard to know how someone is going to take it, and sometimes it's hard to get across in an email that you're just trying to help. There are also those who aren't just trying to help.

Anybody wanna give me their two cents about my design? :)

I have had a couple people email me and tell me that my blog wasn't working for them on their server. As I don't do my own design because i have no skills in that area I was so happy to find out from two brave souls that they couldn't read my blog. While this wasn't a design issue per se, if they hadn't said anything I never would have known to tell my design guy to fix it.
I have been tempted many times...I'm sure we all look at things and think the same things!

Sometimes when the grammar is so bad, I am tempted, but I don't. I mean, how would that change the way they write - they would have to go back to school basically. I do not say anything, but just wonder to myself. I certainly am not perfect, so I try not to be mean, but rather to accept everyone's personal style.
I do think that something should be said, but in the same token some parents just didn't take Parenting 101 when they should have. comment is about the girls without shirts. I would never have any photos of my child posted, or unposted without a shirt on.
I just landed in a giveaway where the picture was not posted correctly. All that shows is a box with that 'thing' in the middle.

I'm feeling for the blogger but, it is a reminder to double check things.
Many times I've just wanted to give a little advice like "you have too many photos, no one I know would wait that long to read your site" or "dark green text on a black background ISN'T readable." but most of the time I don't say anything because I wouldn't want to hear negative comments about my blog. My blogs are far from perfect. If something isn't readable than I might email them but otherwise, I keep it to myself.

As for the photo, while I don't think it's a good idea for her to be doing that, I again don't take criticism well either and would be annoyed if someone told me I shouldn't do something. Perhaps a blog post on your own blog about such dangers and then leaving a comment on their blog (just a generic one, not mentioning your post) so that hopefully they will come visit and read it??


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