Have you tried that Crazy Wrap Thing?


...So are you now wondering "What is this Crazy Wrap Thing people are talking about?!"


It's our Body contouring Skinny Wrap with a catchy name. They call it "crazy" because IT WORKS with amazing powerful and immediate results!


How does it work you ask? The wrap is infused with an all-natural botanical cream. The cream gives nutrients to your skin that it is lacking. Once absorbed, it works to tighten, tone, and firm ANYWHERE it is applied. All of this happens in as little as 45 minutes! You just have to use it for it to work!


How do you apply the wrap? It's simple, so easy and designed to use at home. The wrap comes pre-packaged in a box of four. Take one wrap out of the package and apply to the desired area, then secure it with saran wrap or a tight fitting garment. Now relax, run errands, or anything else you would like to do for at least 45 minutes (so you don't have to come up with extra time out of your busy schedule to use it!)


What to expect? You will see tighter, firmer more toned looking skin - many see a reduction in cellulite and stretch marks too! One box can last a month. Remember a full treatment is the full box of four, wrapping the same area at least once a week. Drink water while wrapped and also over the next 72 hours as it continues to work even after you take it off. The more you wrap, the better your results will get. Add the Defining Gel for optimal results or consider our Fat Fighters if you need to lose weight. These are my FAVORITE products!


How much are they? You can purchase 1 box of wraps (4) online at retail for $99. Although, you can save a ton of money purchasing through our wholesale loyal customer program and save over 45%. Interested? Ask me how to get 4 wraps for only $59!


Interested in selling? We are expanding and looking for distributors nationwide. The enrollment fee is only $99. which includes your business builder kit, marketing supplies, free training, and FOUR wraps. You can earn monthly commissions from your online wrap sales, have Skinny Wrap Parties and earn instant CASH when your guests wrap and earn bonuses when you get your friends to sell with you. Become a Distributor.


So there is the scoop on This Crazy Wrap Thing! It is definitely in huge momentum!

Please contact me if you are interested in the product or some extra cash! 

Email me if you want to see more before and after pics!




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