Baby Showers: The Next Big Thing

Like so many modern celebrations, Baby Showers have arrived in the UK from North America. It’s a real tradition over there and, like High School Proms, Halloween and Black Friday, one of those exciting social events that is catching on big time over here.

The idea is simple but universally appealing. Throw a party for the pregnant mother and her…

Monetizing Your Mom Blog is Easier Than Ever With

As a new generation of influencers crop up on the net and veteran bloggers continue to idealize the way for interacting with brands and getting paid, companies the world over are vying for the attention of both. Some are wooing bloggers with the prospect of lucrative affiliate deals while others pile influencers with products for reviews, added with a monetary benefit. Some companies are flying…

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I have been treating my blog, Evolving Mommy, as a sort of catch all blog where I post everything, reviews recipies, daily events, funny stories, etc. But I have been toying with the idea of starting another blog to house some of the more "specialized" stuff like reviews for instance.

Would you suggest keeping the blogs tied together in theme/name or would you suggest starting something completely different?

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I keep multiple blogs as I feel that it maybe best this way coz you have many interest but not everyone is interested in reading about all your interests at the same place.. and it can get rather messy putting all together.. unless u run a magazine like Domestic Bliss or intend to do something similar ( which I maybe considering) as it is tiring running multiple blogs.
It's already been said, but I too thought putting my reviews and giveaways on my main blog was not what my readers were coming for. I love having 2 blogs, and the second one is there IF people want to visit to read a review or enter a giveaway, it won't be "sprung" on them unknowingly. Main blog is Cheaper than Therapy-Musings of a Mom of 3...and review Giveaway blog is Therapeutic...same font style....trying to keep it tied in.
I'm thinking along the same lines, Catherine.

We recently bought our own home & I'm living all my gardening dreams, while learning sooo much about the topic.
But with the amount of gardening info I'm covering I've decided to start a blog just for that now.

So this thread is great reading for me. Thanks for starting it!

Jane :)
I am in the middle of doing what you are thinking of doing. Splitting up my one blog into a couple of different blogs. Personally I am going to have them all look almost identical, as if they are one blog, with different pages for the main topics. I am going to be hosting them all, so they will all be at the same domain, just different extensions (/reviews /recipes)
It's really about you as a "brand." I used "mama" as my brand for A Mama's Rant and This Mama Cooks! even though they look completely different. Other bloggers spin off their review blog from their main blog and both look similar or are called similar names.

Also, having mulitiple blogs does give you more opportunity for advertising dollars - now you can offer space on more blogs. And you can link back and forth which will drive traffic and give you a little SEO benefit, too.
hi, i started out with a personal blog. then just recently, ive been receiving post reviews for this personal blog. i realized that im kinda putting everything in that blog that it gets a little mixed up already with writing creative essays. lol! so i decided to treat this personal blog for ad reviews and stories about mothering and travels with my son, and then i opened up another blog in wordpress a week ago for creative writing and my other thoughts as a single woman. but i think more than two is impossible for me to manage :)
I have 2 blogs. They're really both bitching blogs but one about the kids and it is G rated for family. The other is a mass of vulgarity and I bitch about EVERYTHING - kids, husband, Apple, perverts... you name it.
I like having the 2 but if I was asked to review stuff would definately be a seperate blog.
I think my favorite thing that I have seen is a menu bar beneath the header with buttons - you can make the buttons do a search for your tags - so one button for reviews, one for recipes, etc. That way it's all on one blog and you can separate it out for folks who only really want to see one thing. Of course they'll have to go to your blog first and see it, but I still think it's worth it!
I have two separate blogs and they're VERY separate. There are readers common to both, but mostly they attract two different crowds. I didn't 'theme' them together and I rarely cross-promote. But they were started for different reasons, so if you're doing reviews on your blog now and just want them to move, something like Jen did at Cheaper Than Therapy works well. Especially if people are already familiar with your 'look' and style, I'd think they'd be more willing to trust the review if they associated with you.
I have the same issue and am in the process of splitting a couple of them off. What I plan on doing is self hosting, so they will all be at the same site, just on different directories. (,, etc)

They will all have the same template and links to each other, but you will have to subscribe to them individually.
I personally have two blogs, but I use one blog for reviews, contests, anything to do mommy-ish. If what you review and what you blog about can not really be mingled well, then maybe have another blog.

I keep up with two blogs and it's fun!

I started out a year and a half ago with one blog, about family stuff. For more than a year it was set to 'private' and was mostly just updates about our family. Then we had a big change happen in our life and I started actually writing, rather than just updating. I found that it was better for me to create a new blog, rather than fit everything onto one. So now I have our family blog:, as well as a blog that's just stuff about me. And after a month I started a 3rd blog, where I keep the recipes that I use most often and my family asks for often. Most recently, I added a 4th blog, which lists all my New Year's Goals, and where I update to keep myself on track.

The 3rd and 4th blogs aren't listed in Blogger directories, and they're not searchable, but I do have my own RSS feeds and some subscribers. I use backlinks and RSS feeds on my other 2 blogs to showcase what I've written on them, so they're not stand-alone blogs so much as add-on blogs. I did use a common name for the 3 newer ones: HMG - (Time For Me; Food For Me; Goals For Me). I'm not terribly creative at names, and I wanted something that I could use for more niche-y blogs if I created them.

I haven't had trouble keeping up with all 4 blogs. The recipe and goals blog I only post to when I have something to update, whereas I try really hard to post to one or both of my other two blogs on a very regular basis. Apparently I have a lot to say, because it hasn't been too tough to come up with stuff. :-)

Good luck!

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