Hi All,


I am offering a new kitchen aid stand mixer as my new giveaway in order to promote the sale of my cookbook since it is our ONLY income. Would everyone PLEASE go check it out and give idea's as to what I might be doing wrong?


Thanks so much,


Connie C

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I wouldn't mind, but can you share the link?


Dawn SO SORRY must have went blonde for a minute LOL Here is the Link







That's okay ;)))  I checked it out! That is certainly a fun giveaway!  I understand about promoting the sale of your cookbook, but having a mandatory purchase to enter is definitely hurting the amount of entries you are getting.  On that note, I am not 100% sure that its legal to require a purchase.. hopefully someone can weigh in on that topic.


Here is a helpful list of common mistakes made when doing giveaways, maybe it can help! Best of luck to you!


Well I tried with my very first giveaway to be NICE and give everyone chances without a purchase thinking I would at least make some money and NADA everyone wanted something for nothing. Even though I am not paying for the Kitchen Aid stand mixer as it is being donated on our behalf. I feel like for as little as $13.50 and 10 chances to win from that it is well worth it. I don't mean to seem cruel on this giveaway but I am disabled with a type of intestinal problem that the doctor's have NO CLUE as to what they are up against last time I was in the hospital they said it was an infection they'd never even SEEN.

If noone don't or can't understand the desperate situation I am in with a 9 year old depending on me then I should just stop the giveaway cold in it's tracks and offer locals a raffle on it instead.


Oh and i've done my research on giveaways and found several with required purchases to enter. As long as the winner does not live in a state where it is prohibited by law.


Thanks for the suggestions,





Dawn didn't deserve a lashing. She was being honest and tactful and she's right. You cant demand people to do things...no one likes that. And we ALL have problems that we deal with. I don't expect the world to solve mine.



I didn't mean for that to seem like a LASHING as you put it. YES I know everyone has problems to deal with but they are still kind and wonderful people in the world who cares about other's so I do still TRY.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your home.


First, it would help us help you if you posted the link to your blog/giveaway in your post so we can easily get to it.

Please remember this advice is only constructive criticism since you asked for reasons it may be low entry.  I would suggest using spell check as I noticed a lot of errors - that's a turn off to some people.


As for the giveaway itself, I would have made the mandatory entry be something quick and easy that anyone can do (like follow on GFC, comment why you want to win, follow on twitter).  By making it mandatory to blog about it, you're eliminating everyone who doesn't have their own blog, plus that's a time-consuming entry.  Also, most of the other entries are for buying your book.  Most people enter giveaways to get something for free, so purchasing something to win defeats the spirit of a giveaway.


I hope that helps! You can add it to my giveaway linky for more promotion:


Thanks So MUCH Rachel I am new at this sort of thing and it will take a while to get the hang of it. I have redone the giveaway wording several times and I didn't happen to think about those who don't have a blog so I can see your point completely. I know i've done some wrong things with this giveaway and probably made a few MAD along the way. The whole point for my giveaways is for my cookbooks to sell that is our sole income and will be until I can get my disability started. Most people don't stop to think what it is like to loose everything they take day to day for granted as did I until this happened to us. Dawn made a point about everyone has problems THIS IS TRUE. But when you have no way but 1 way of providing for a child and your a TRUE MOMMA get faced with something like this and you will do ANYTHING it takes. And yes I understand people like getting something for nothing but what would it hurt for them to send $1.00 towards my daughter's trip? I have friends who can verify our desperate situation if need be but I hate to think the world has come to such pediness. Again thanks for all the help and advice.


Connie C

I just wanted to clarify that I did not say that.. you have our responses confused....


You wanted opinions, so I gave you mine and I thought I was being really nice about it.


I do think people have compassion for others that are in trying situations, but we can't demand that they buy something from us and be surprised when they run the other way.  There are people out there that want to help and will help.. but it has to be on their own terms.


I wish you all the best success with your book and your situation! Let your readers know who you are and I think the rest will come naturally.

Oh Gosh Dawn I am so sorry and YES ur right I did get you confused with Carol....SO SO SORRY!!! I appreciate ALL the wonderful help and advice i have received about this. You all are GREAT LADIES!!!! Being NEW to all this giveaway stuff is certainly trying on one's nerves...LOL I hope I do get better as I go along because a friend of mine has lined up a bunch of wonderful items for giveaways that businesses have donated just for this reason.


Thanks Again to all and again I am sorry,


Connie C

I'm sorry. I'm confused. Are you asking people to send you money so you can send your daughter on a trip? Or are you asking for money because you lost your home? I think I missed something. Have you checked into charity programs to help you through your rough time? That's what I would do...when you have a child, it's not hard to get help.

I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to enter...and it's free. My site offers lots of resources to learn how to shop for a fraction of what we're used to. Also...there are links to sites to get help for medications if you need it.

Best wishes.




Confusing people seems to be what I do best and I am so sorry for this. Let me see if I can explain. Cheyenne my daughter won a trip to Dollywood from her school after getting all her multiplication tables correct. The ticket into Dollywood is paid for by the school. But she needs $16.00 for her meal ticket (2 meals) and general spending money. So I thought I’d work this into my giveaway and the reason as to WHY it was needed. I am selling my cookbook for replacing our home, cars and belongings. I wouldn’t DARE ask anyone to just send money for our NEEDS I was raised to work anyway you can to give back when help is offered that is the reason I wrote the cookbook. I’ve been threw the whole charity programs when the fire first happened – Goodwill, Red Cross Etc. Sadly they don’t replace such things mentioned above so I am on my own on that part. We do have a roof over our heads, which I am much grateful for thanks to daddy’s old boss man. We still have normal bills to pay as everyone does and that comes from my cookbook sales as well. I hope this has cleared up ANY confusion you may have had about this?


Thanks for asking,


Connie C

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