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I am currently a mom of 2 girls, ages 5 and 3.  We have also been taking care of our nephew for almost 8 weeks - he just turned 1 in December.  (Long story involving childrens services....)  Our 3rd is due in March, but likely to come in just the next few weeks.

Adding our nephew to the mix has been both exhausting and challenging.  He has not had any real stability for his short little life, and even now he hasn't seen his parents for 3 weeks.  He is actually settling into our home and connecting with our family, and that has been both a blessing and, well, a challenge.

Having such a young one who needs attention and a close eye is really overwhelming at this stage of my pregnancy, and knowing I'm about to have a newborn who will demand ALL of my attention - Yes, I'm freaking out. =)

Any suggestions for not only helping our daughters - who have already had to make room for their nephew in our lives - but also for this little guy who needs a lot of attention on his own, and a lot of personal care, too. 

Any sage advice?  Wisdom?  Thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


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Debbie, All I can give you is hugs and prayers. You do have your hands full! When I feel completely overwhelmed, I try to focus on the smaller picture - the smaller tasks. I'm sure right now all you're imagining is 3 young kids and a newborn all screaming or crying or having a food fight ;) but I think the 3 will surprise you - yes, there will be those moments when all you can do is hang on -  but take one task at a time, one issue at a time, one kid at a time. You WILL make it. You WILL be ok. Nan
Wow, you sure do have a lot on your plate. I have an only child, so I'm not really sure how best to help siblings cope, except maybe to make sure to carve out a little time for each one as an individual. Even if just a story or bedtime conversation. My little brother was born when I was five, and I adored him for that whole first year (then he entered the biting stage and, well, not so much, lol). Find ways for your girls to help out, they're old enough to want to be involved, especially the five year old. Even little things, like "can you be a big help and grab me a diaper?" I think as long as everyone feels included in some way, it'll be okay. You may be frazzled from time to time (and time again), but the hard part passes relatively quickly, although it doesn't seem like it when you're going through it. I wish you the very best!
No real great advice but will be thinking about you. I find when children need a lot fo attention as your nephew probably does if you can carve out 15 mins here and there it really makes it worth it because their behaviour the rest of the day will be noticeably better.

Hi Debbie,


As a Mother of 5 and one on the way, I completely understand the apprehension you are experiencing.  But, it sounds as though you and your hubby are already doing a great job.  


Everything will work out.  So try not to think about all the crazy things that may happen at one time, once baby arrives.  Just take deep breaths and know you can do this, pat yourself on the back for your efforts, take 5 minutes for yourself (not anything else including blogging) and close your eyes and relax.


Some days will be harder than others and when they do get that way, take deep breaths and know that "this too shall pass."

When my twins came I also had an almost 3 yr old at home.  Some things that helped were having 2 swings for the babies.  We also set up some special treasure boxes of activities for my oldest.  He only got to play with them when I was nursing.  This helped to keep him entertained during that time.  Good luck.  It's not easy, but you'll get through it :-)


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