Hello fellow moms. I just stared blogging a few months ago and would like to get some followers so I can get feedback on my blog and help me make it better. So if you would follow me I'd be happy to follow you. I think as a mom you can never get too much information! My blog is:


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Followin' ya! Thanks!
Thanks! I'm followin' you too! :)
I'm following you Shannon
You can find me here:

I'm following you Liv!

You can find me here:

Found you and I'm followin' ! :)

Thanks! Love your blog and I'm following!

Thanks for following my blog. I have just logged on to yours to find the perfect post. I am always looking for inexpensive photo cards. I will definetly be checking out SurgarhouseInk. Thanks, again.

I am following you. Can you return the favor? Thanks!

I just launched 7 new sites :o)

My original is http://theredheadriter.blogspot.com

I would love you to visit and follow.

They can be reached through the navigation bar depending on what you like...Personal Journal, Food & Recipes, Contests & Giveaways, Decorative Interiors, Other Stuff and Crafting & Selling.
Maryann..I am following you! Love your blog! http://www.underthegoldenappletree.blogspot.com
following you also, shannon..but I swear I already posted this...lol...have a one year old on my lap so things get hazy. lol

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