My name is Carla and I'm new on mommy bloggers. Please introduce yourself and tell me what your blog is about. I look forward to hearing from you all :)

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Hi, I'm Brooke and I started my blog, Know Your this past February. It's something that I have been wanting to do for a long time and finally got over being nervous and just did it. It's about preserving one's family history through their family photography, photos/photography in general, and of course my kids! At this point I am trying to navigate my way with social media and gaining readers. I end up spending most of my time researching promotion and trying to promote then actually working on family history and posting.

I went in search of a mommy blogging networking site so I could learn from others and eventually (hopefully!) some day be helpful to someone else. I am so excited to have found this site!!

Hey Brooke! I love the idea of your blog! We have the same “idea” of preserving stories, only mine is more about writing and sharing, and yours is about photos! But what a great resource – as a scrapbooker of 17 years, I started when I had two kids and now up to four, and have been toying with the idea of digital scrapbooking – so I look forward to learning from you!
Hi! I am the twenty-something SAHM of two gorgeous little girls! My blog is about the daily adventures of my girls with some product reviews and giveaways tossed in. You are more than welcome to check it out here:

Hi Everyone!! My name is Aricka (pronounce Erica) and I joined a couple days ago...You all have been so nice and have been leaving comments for me! What a warm welcome! I have a food blog, Shamrocks and Shenanigans. If you get a chance, come check it out!
Hi Carla.

I'm Katie. I'm a young mother of one. I've just started my blog Desperate for Coffee, the entries are random but I'm beginning to have some sort of form with them. Eventually, I'm thinking of having some personal reviews (non-profit).

My philosophy on blogging is getting back to the basics. So many blogs I've seen out there are just covered in "buy me" ads, review this, giveaway for that. No real feel for who is writing. I've decided to keep my blog ad free and keep it simple. Just writing.

Take a look at my blog when you've got a chance. I'd love the feedback!
Aloha! I'm Kailani and I have a blog called An Island Life. Here you'll find me sharing my daily life raising 3 girls, working as a flight attendant, and living in Hawaii. I also post lots of product reviews and giveaways. Hope you stop by and say Hi!
Hi my name is Karen. Just seriously started to get involved in my blogging recently. I touch on whatever topic fancies me. Like other people, I have a feeling that my blog is a bore next to some of the great ones that are out there. But, I am enjoying doing it and will continue to do so.

A friend mentioned this community to me, apparently I had already signed up and completely forgot about it, but I am back. Hoping to make some friends, can't wait to explore all over and read some blogs. I have actually come across some familiar names already for blogs that I am presently following.

So, hi all. Glad to meet you.
HI there, my name is Millie, I started my blog three years ago mostly to write about my love for beauty products. Now, since finding out I'm pregnant, I began a column on beauty logic called Foxy fit Mommy, pretty much me talking about my last three months of pregnancy, recommending beauty products for mommies, and products for babies. Hello to everyone :-)
Hello I'm Crystal. My blog is about life w/ 2 kids under 2. I have lots of projects and ideas. I started it a couple months ago.
I'm Melissa (Tizzy.) Just started my blog a few weeks ago, . Not much content yet, but I plan to add more soon. I love to cook and share recipes. I started a blog to have a place to remember recipes my family really likes. I also think it is a great thing for my girls so when they grow up and want to know what that dish is that mommy used to make, they'll have it.

Nice meeting everyone, I hope to find more blogs to follow here.
Melissa (Tizzy)
Hi I'm Rebecca, mother to a 2 and a half year old and 2month old baby. We are busy over here as you can imagine. So why do I blog rather than sleep? I need an outlet. I love being a mother




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