The Strategy to Choose the Best Credit Cards

Do you desperately want to get hold of the best credit card? When you opt for credit cards, you should be aware that every option has its set of benefits and rewards. This is why you need to make your choice wisely. We will just give you a guideline in this regard.

First, we…

Top of the Line Educational App Will Engage Your Kids for Hours

If you feel like us, you know how hard it is to navigate all of the kids' apps out there. It seems to us mere laypeople like there are thousands of apps to choose from. It's a hit and miss game. And, if you want your children to learn from apps in the process it is even harder. One thing is sure, there is a lot of…




Hiya! I'm New, looking to make blogging friends and add some followers

Hi ladies,

I'm relative new to the MBC, and I've recently started a new blog, which I hope will be more fun and successful than those I have attempted in the past! I would love to add some new blogs, I have quite a few empty spaces in my Google Reader :) I would be grateful if you would also follow me.

Memories and Mischief

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Hi Cassie,

It would be great if you could join us at the Virtual Girls Night Out! My site hosts this original blog-hopping party and it's a great way to visit other sites and to create new followers.

I hope you can make it! Ann Again... and again
Hi everyone! I am looking for more friends and followers too!
Hi Misty, I'm following you now :)

I am following your blog here is mine. A Family Full Of Opinions

Thank you Tina, I'm following you as well :)
Hi Steph, I'm new to MBC as well. I checked out your blog and became a follower. You can visit mine at and follow along if you like. Have a great night!
Jenny, thanks for following!

Your blog is great, I'm already hooked!
Steph, I check out you blog, very nice, i'll be back...
Thank you Anne. I'm following you as well, very nice blog.
Hi! I will look at your blog and add you to my blogroll. Will you please do the same for me? It's exciting to have new friends in this blogging world! Sometimes it seems like blog eat blog, but here it's a great community of moms!
LOL @ "blog eat blog" I often feel that way as well. Thanks for adding me :)


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