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Just wanted to say hello and connect to other Houston mom bloggers. Maybe we could list the area of Houston in which you live, how many/ages of kiddos, list your blog, what you blog about (if it isn't evident), and perhaps even share what blogging platform you use. Could be a great resource for help or questions!

I'm Nichelle
I live in the Humble/Kingwood area and have one son (so far), he's 2
My blog is http://danceadvantage.net and I blog about dance education
I use self-hosted Wordpress

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Hi Hanna! Thanks for introducing yourself. It would be fun to do a little Houston meetup.

How cool that you've been blogging for so long. I technically started my first blog in 2003 as a way to keep in touch with our family but didn't do much updating until my son was born in 2007. It was then I thought I'd try a blog on dance and I started Dance Advantage in 2008.

I'm curious to know how everything is going for those that responded. Anyone want to say hi or let us know how your blog is doing?

Hanna Kubeczka said:
Hello all!!
I'm Hanna...I live in Spring and I have two kiddos! Emma will be 4 in December and Aaron is now 6 months old. I've been blogging for about a decade now...I started with blogger, moved to pMachine, then to DNN, then to Wordpress & now I am back to blogger.

Please stop by for a visit - I would love to meet other area mommy bloggers - maybe one day we can create our own Houston Mommy Bloggers, group, too!!

Hanna @ http://mishmish.org
Hi my name is Jessica, and I blog at That Tech Chick and freelance graphic design at iDesign.

I am actually not exactly Houston, but just a hop skip and a jump away in Beaumont TX. I love meeting other bloggers, actually have met 2 of the ladies that have responded here, Shannon and Alba.

I would love to help set up a Houston Bloggers Tweetup.
I'm @danceadvantage on Twitter, Jessica. A tweetup would be fun :)

Jessica said:
Hi my name is Jessica, and I blog at That Tech Chick and freelance graphic design at iDesign.

I am actually not exactly Houston, but just a hop skip and a jump away in Beaumont TX. I love meeting other bloggers, actually have met 2 of the ladies that have responded here, Shannon and Alba.

I would love to help set up a Houston Bloggers Tweetup.
I wonder who else here would be interested in a Houston Tweetup?
So glad to see so many Houston Mommy Bloggers - I'd love to get to know you all!! What I really want to know is about your time management skills. Mine are pretty much non-existent. I feel like before I even really get started on anything (cleaning, laundry, etc) it's time for something else (baths, bedtimes, etc) and I only have 2 kids. I am in awe of those of you with more than two that get it all done!!

Come by and visit - we're playing High & Low today: http://www.mishmish.org/2010/09/high-low-friday-edition.html

Hanna @ http://mishmish.org
How many of the Houston bloggers will be attending SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin in October?
Hi everyone! I live in the Humble/Kingwood area and have two kiddos--a 3 year old and an infant. I'm new to mombloggers and love this forum for Houston moms! I'm looking forward to checking out all your blogs! My family and our adventures fill up most of the space on my blog. We're going to a fall festival today...they're really popular at this time of year!

I've also just started a website for Houston parents...my favorite part of it is the Houston Calendar for families with young children...check it out at http://houstonparentsmagazine.com/calendar-and-park-spotlight.html and let me know what you think! (While you're there sign up for monthly emails and enter the giveaway on the home page!) I'm collecting November events now, so if you hear of anything fun for families send it my way and I'll post it!

I can't wait to meet everyone!
Hi there! I am Emily. I live out in Humble and have 2 little girls: Kira is 16 months, Ariana is 3 months. I basically just started the whole blog thing, but have really enjoyed it! I am still working on where my blog is heading, i am kind of letting it lead me! So far it is about trying to make each day with my girls special. I have really enjoyed looking at everyone' blog! Each one had some excellent content and ideas and inspired me to do something with my own blog! So thanks! I would love to meet up and/or be in a twitter party with some other Houston Blogging Mamas!
Hey Emily and Carla! I'm in your 'neck of the woods' in Kingwood. You both have quite a handful with two little ones! My little guy is 3 now and we've been talking about another. Carla, I could probably point you to a couple of theatre and dance newsletters that include events geared toward children.

Let me know if you'd like to meetup for coffee sometime. I've been blogging and using social media to promote my site for over 2 years now. Would be happy to share any tips or experiences I've collected over that time. My email is nichelle AT danceadvantage DOT net


My name is Jennifer Dickinson and I am casting a new docuseries for Go Go Luckey Entertainment ("Laguna Beach", "Paranormal State") about parenting in the modern age. The pilot, produced with BermanBraun for a major cable network, will focus on the relationships between mothers and their teenage daughters. We are interested in exploring the challenges of raising a teenage girl in the Facebook era, when many parents see themselves as their children's friends, sharing interests in things like television, music, and fashion.

We are targeting a number of areas, including Chicago,Texas (Houston and Dallas), the Twin Cities, St. Louis, and Boston. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please have them contact me at likemothercasting@gmail.com for more information. You can also check us out on Facebook.

Best Wishes and let me know if you have any other questions.

Jennifer Dickinson

Casting Director
Go Go Luckey Entertainment
Hello. I am a mommy from Houston, Texas. I have a 2 year old (3 in December) daughter and am expecting my 2nd child in May of 2011. I have vlog channel where I post vlogs regarding fashion and beauty. I'm so happy I finally found some other Texas mommies!!
My channel can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheStyleChronicles?feature=mhum
- Ericka.
I'm a Houston blogger! Glad to be making these connections. You can find me at http://www.forgetfulone.com I own my domain, but it's built by Blogger/Google.

I live in a blended family situation. Three kids at home, his almost 18 y o daughter, my 14 y o twins. The oldest step daughter, almost 22, moved out a year and a half ago. I also have a step-son who is married and has 3 year old twins.

I teacher full time. I also love to read, scrapbook, and blog.


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