I was wondering if you all would take a look at my blog and tell me how I'm doing. It's so hard to judge yourself, and I'm open to any input you might have. Thanks!


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You're doing great! Keep up the great work. I would choose a different Bloggere template though because this one has been around for years.

Jennifer James
I like your colors they are very warm. Your pictures have good lighting so you can really see the detail. I would look at jazzing up your title. With a fancier font. It looks really good. keep up the good work.
Thanks, Ladies!
I think it's a great blog, really nice jewerlly...

Just a couple of things that may help you: I personally wouldn't bother with the google ads, for your young blog, you will probably find it won't pay you any money yet, and yet it takes nearly half your page - really dominating when you go into your blog... It's not worth it until you have heaps more hits... Also, your blog background is really plain, you can get some really good templates for free on a site called www.thecutestblogontheblock.com - heaps to pick from, easy to upload! Hope that helps a bit...

check it out on my personal blog

whereas I've used the standard template offered by blogger on my business blog

Notice I don't have any ads, I did at first, and I think I earned $4 for the first month (which they won't even send a cheque unless you earn $10 min) and I thought why should I give them that space for free!
It's a rip off!

I love the cutest blog on the block! The other free background sites seem to have a lot of stuff attached or I get too many pop ups when I go to their sites.
Hi Lori!
I love your jewelry-- very nice! Your blog/company name is very cute too. Here are a few suggestions for you:

- I agree with PP to remove the ads. Especially since they aren't even relevant to your business. When I visited, there was one for healthcare and the others were about promoting blogs.

- I'd move your Profile up to the top. I think ppl like to see who's talking right from the get-go. I'm more likely to read a blog I stumble upon if I "know" who they are.

- Photos: All your photos are "below the fold," meaning you have to scroll to see them. As a jewelry site, I think you want to showcase your jewelry up front. Perhaps a nice large image in your banner would do the trick. And a more unique font.

- Include more pictures in your posts. For example, you mentioned you just finished your first scarf. Well, I'd LOVE to see what you created. Gives me more to comment on.

- What's the purpose of your blog? What are you trying to achieve? More sales for your jewelry? A behind-the-scenes account of running a jewelry business? It can be more than one thing but make sure you have a foundation. It'll make knowing what to write about that much easier.

- The reason I ask the above is that you mention a Craft Fair you're going to do but didn't say which craft fair. When the date gets closer, be sure to tell people where to find you. Maybe even offer blog readers a special discount.

- How does someone buy from you? It's not readily apparent from glancing at your blog. Make that more obvious just in case someone wants to purchase your awesome jewelry. You don't have to be able to make purchases online- a simple message that if someone's interested to contact you is sufficient.

I hope you don't mind so many comments from me. I've been a marketer for 10 years now so when someone asks for feedback, I go all out. :-) You're definitely on the right path and it's a great start!

That is exactly what I was looking for, Ladies! I appreciate it soooooooooooo much. I have been feeling like I'm floundering a bit with my blog, and your advice has been awesome. Now I need to get to work making changes. =)
well your blog looks great I could use some checking my self here is my blog if you don't mind
The only thing I would add is an "about me" section. =)

I'll follow you if you follow me. ;D


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