I tend to make edits after my blog posts are finished and posted. However, I read in Blogging for Dummies that this is not desirable. I understand that readers pick up the info quickly, on the other hand, I enjoy editing and polishing the copy, or adding thoughts. Sometimes I have to fix errors, like misspelling Dr. Seuss (groan).

Do you edit after posting, and how bad is it and why?


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I do it all the time. I always catch typos or phrases that need clarifying after I publish a post. I guess seeing the words in a different format (live in the blog as opposed to in the editing screens) helps you catch things that you just didn't see before.
I do edit after posting as sometime I find errors or the pictures etc doesn't come up the right size etc.
I do it all the time, I didn't think it was a big deal.
I edit - doesn't bother me at all. Maybe it's because I have had other regular websites in the past also? Just part of it all to me to fuss with things. No major changes to my post content though as a general rule. I'm not a journalist though, just a blogger, so I don't feel that it's a no-no for me at all.
I can't understand why editing is bad. If I had to wait until every post was perfect, with every little detail added, I'd never post anything!

I have a hard time seeing errors when reviewing my post in editing mode. I used to post it when I was done writing, then read it immediately to look for errors. I've found that the preview mode works as well, so I'm able to cut down on most of the spelling/grammar edits. However, I may go back and add photos, if I don't have them when I write the post, or additional info. I did a review once of a website, but then I interacted with the website owner and felt that interaction was germane to the post, so I added it. I could have written a brand new post, I suppose, but the info didn't deserve that much importance.
I am constantly finding myself editing posts after I publish them. I try not to, but it happens... I'll realize that I forgot to say something, or notice a spelling or grammatical error. I'll try not to be too hard on myself, but it happens.
If it's a typo or a forgotten link, no biggie. But if you're adding/removing major information, you should put up something like "UPDATE: " and then describe what you removed or added.
Editing posts is the story of my life.
I'm glad you posted this question, I've wondered about it as I often edit after posting. Not to change content but to fix something or add a quick thought (I often forget to add links and need to go back and add them). Yesterday I posted a giveaway and I'd forgotten to mention an extra way to make an entry. Two people had already responded (within minutes of posting it). I emailed those 2 people to let them know the change and then went on business as usual.

On one other occasion I edited content (added extra thoughts) and added "Updated" in the topic header.

P.S. I just had to come back and edit THIS post due to a spelling error! LOL
I always find something I missed after posting, but I don't mind. I don't claim to be perfect...or even a good speller! ;D
I edit posting before posting it live. I always do a preview in blogger first. There have been occasions where I edit after I post but usually I catch all edits before I put the blog post live :-)

I don't usually edit after posting. I think if you know that you prefer to polish more, than you may want to start a private blog where you can fiddle with the post until it's perfect. That way your feeds are all the best quality post that you have and your readers get only the final, polished version.


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