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I just, somehow, managed to get through a giant stack of press kits and desktop full of products for my blog. My son is playing Rockband2 right next to me totally drowning out my nice relaxing Itunes but for some crazy reason I actually think the yelling from Rebel Girl and Nine In The Afternoon has kept me going! It's not normally like that. Writing is hard when you can't hear yourself think.

What do you guys do when you have to mix work and the crazy family? Staying up late or escaping to a nice quiet office isn't always an option?

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We have three children, ages 12, 5, and 2, so our home is always noisey. I usually get up extremely early so I can try to blog and read some on my list. I also work part time so my time is limited but I try to get it done in the morning because usually once they are all alseep I'm not too far behind.
Yeah, I am too racked by the end of the day. I think working on getting up earlier is a fantastic idea. It's a hard goal during summertime but I think it is going on the top of my list!!
in all honesty i have no idea, so i'm just offering ((HUGS)) on trying to figure it out because lately most days i'm happy just to make it through the day.
Getting up early works for me, too ... all my creativity and brain power is drained by afternoon/evening. Even squeezing in an hour before kids get up makes a huge difference.
Hmm, press kits and product makes it sound like work, and work doesn't sound fun. I only blog for fun, not for finance, so that makes a big difference. I blog at my kitchen table while my 4 kids pester and nag, I'm changing poop diapers, making a sandwich, figuring out what to do for dinner, manage the Vesuvius pile of laundry, and craving a beer. Quiet ain't happen here.
Hi, I work full time during the day as a Caseworker so I totally feel your pain! I have a WONDERFUL husband who will often keep the kids occupied to so I can check things out online and do my blog posts. Sometimes, I have to put it off until the kids go to bed which is usually around 8 pm.


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