I was wondering how to drive traffic to your blog?

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1. This isn't the group to post this on. The best way to do it is to join a followers group. You constantly check on the group, follow the great gals who are in there and then they'll follow you.

2. Constantly post, and post about things relevant to daily life, times, etc. You're opinions count, yes. But if you're not a fabulous writer, people aren't going to stay at your blog to long.

3. Network Network Network. MBC is a great place to start off on meeting other women, they'll start referring you to other bloggers and other people. Facebook is also good if you have alot of friends on there that read blogs.

4. If you're selling products, join certain networks that are for businesses. People love to promote other people in hopes that they'll be promoted also.

5. Just keep writing, and don't stop. Traditionally, if your not already a celebrity, it takes a couple of years to build a good reputation with the blogosphere. Most of the top read blogs have been going since 2001, so keep your chin up and keep posting!

Also just a note. I looked in your MBC page, and you're URL to your blog is incorrect. I know that it's blogspot but some people are incompetent or lazy. So keep it going!

Also following :-)

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