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I always see wonderful graphics on blogs and even on here and I was just wondering if any blog designers or bloggers could tell me where they get the graphics they use for headers and stuff? Thanks so much for your help!

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I use and Creative Commons "Ok for commercial use" images.
Does anyone know if it's ok to use company logos on blogs?
No, that is infringement. Unless you wrote a specific post and the graphic is part of that post.
what do you mean? each week I cover walgreens and cvs deals. i noticed that some ladies use the logos and some don't so I quit. can i use them? THANKS!
I don't really have an answer to this because I don't know how to create graphics. I often do searches for them. The best way to get what you want is to click on the graphics/html code when you are at someone's blog and that will take you to the site/owner/creator. If its not public domain ask the owner/creator... many are more than willing to share.
I also use scrapblog. For me it was easy to use and I got the results I was looking for.
Once I created the graphic it was easy to save it to my computer and post in on photobucket.

As I use, it is truly fantastic, as there are so many amazing plugins there, also with some free photos to download if you need it. Love wordpress deeply. Also as I feature different ladies and their activities at the site, I 'borrow' their photos under their agreement, which is a perfect solution and amazing, wonderful pictures on my blog.

But thank you for starting this discussion - all those tips are very, very useful.
I mostly use Microsoft's free clip art and occasionally iStockPhoto. There are also clip art books you can buy and scan. I love vintage graphics, so I use clip art from the '30s, '40s, and '50s.
There are several digital scrapbooking sites that have GREAT "blogwear"...headers, buttons, etc.

The Shabby Shoppe
Digital Freebies
A Cherry On Top is my favorite because it's cheap and they have a great selection.

I have also made a bunch of button anyone is free to use:
I design blogs, and most of the blogs I've made I've designed evrything from scratch, I also design digital scrapbooking products.
I recently wrote a post asking this question. One of my photographer blogger/friends said keep my camera handy and click away! LOL. I have the same problem. I sometimes use and give credit, but a lot of people want you to ask for permission before you use it and I mostly write quickly and last minute so that doesn't work. Good luck! :)


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