I have been blogging for a little while now at my blog CrazySimpleLife and I mainly use Google Adsense. I have just started a new blog and I am going to try to start working really hard on it to actually make some money with it. My new one is Just My Personal Opinions. I am wondering what ways you use to monetize your blogs? I am open to suggestions and would appreciate any info!! Also feel free to view my blog and give me your thoughts. I feel like something is missing from them!


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Is there anyone who can give their experience with what works?? I have had Google Adsense from the beginning but have never made a penny!
If you have never made a penny from Google Adsense and you have traffic, I would say you need to evaluate your seo and adsense placement. Often placement of the ads is key to the success.
Hi Amy, another suggestion is to go to someplace like and you can sign-up to write reviews on a variety of topics and get paid...I just signed up as an advertiser actually.

Another idea is to find products related to your blog you can market for a profit. For example, right now I'm looking for mom bloggers to write about my tutu making course. I give away a free lesson then if someone wants to purchase, they can enter a special coupon code for each mom blogger. So the customer saves money and the mom blogger gets paid for the referral. Actually offering a 75% commission so that would be a good way to earn some money. Obvious you wouldn't make money unless something sold but you also wouldn't have any costs either.

Let me know if you have any questions.

ps - Would love to have you promote my site as I mentioned above if you'd be interested!
I wrote a series on how to make money blogging that has lots of different options! It is running right now and starts with this series giveaway post.

It starts out talking about blogging basics, but it will also get into quite a few different ways to make money, design, and social networking. I am not quite to that part yet (the series is 5 weeks long).
I left a comment here on Mom Bloggers Club on Best Ways to Monetize your Blog

I conducted a survey to find the best money making sites for blogs.

I'm not sure of the rules on this forum, so I didn't want to just recopy everything I said.
Can you email me the link or in private message??
I have used Google Adsense for about a year and have just crossed the $25 mark. I noticed a big jump when I started working on my SEO more seriously. I use Amazon's Associate program and have made a little through there. I also use Logical Media and have made about $20 through there. I didn't really take much seriously until January of this year and have made most of the money since then. That's just my experience.

I will say it probably depends on the content of your blog. I have earned most from my money-saving blog although I have more traffic and interaction on my homemaking blog.
I have a lot of ways. But I gave up trying xD I just blog to blog now. I don't even bother trying to make money anymore.




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