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There are many ways in which mom bloggers are making money on their blogs. Some are making a pretty good living and others make just enough to buy a small cup a coffee; the range is immense. How do you monetize your blog -- through selling ad space on your own, being a part of an ad network, asking for donations from loyal readers, through affiliate advertising, or other?

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I don't monetize my blog. Rather, I use it as a means to make money from the other parenting writing that I do.
I don't monetize our blog. Yet. Because we are new and I have not done it. But we will monetize our blog. This is not question about making commerce with children or so. This is about very unstable situation in the world with economics. We live in Latvia, and we are hit a lot from crisis. People are losing jobs thousands a day(2,3 million inhabitants in Latvia, 1 million working). The unemployment rises fast from normal 3-4% to 11% now. We will monetize our blog to have more freedom from our business here, where are no easy days now. I do business with premium SMS applications, my wife Diana lost her job this week in selfgovernment institution because of staff reduction. They don't care-they have budget. I will never be in shame for doing something to earn money and that I won't have to explain my daughter, why I can't buy her ice-cream today. I was born in 1982, when Latvia was in Soviet Union. It was totally stupid, when I remember my childhood-you could not buy something, because: 1-there is nothing in shops; 2-you don't have enough money. I don't want my daughter to know it. See our blog-Today we have our own article about growing eco-food at home!
I would like to monetize just enough to pay for hosting and to push me over the edge of living paycheck-to-paycheck.
The issue is that I'm not 100% focused on mom/parenting issues or product reviews or the like...I'm more of a all-over-the-place writer, so it's hard to pin down advertisers.


I've not really monetized my Mommy Blog. I have my Etsy items on there and it's great exposure - but no sponsors (well... Amazon Associates, but it's pretty much a joke). My food site has FoodBuzz ads, but they only make a few $'s a month.

I started blogging using blogspot before but decided to got my own domain name and commercial hosting to have total control of my files. My blog is all about my baby and I use project wonderful to pay for its domain and hosting.
I have a niche blog (digital scrapbooking) that only partially works well with affiliate advertising (digital photography). I've had some inquiry about advertising from folks in the niche, sent out my rate sheet, but no takers yet. No income from this blog yet in 3 months, but that's OK. I'm at 127 subscribers and growing everyday.
I've gotten 2 free books for doing book reviews, but that's all! I'm really thinking about trying to make a little $$$, but I really don't know the best way to go about doing it.
I haven't gotten really serious about that yet.

Our family gets maybe $50 a year from Amazon Associate links, but that isn't enough to cover hosting and registration costs. We have an Adsense account, but it took about a year to get to the $100 payout level, and I removed their links from ALL of our sites after they went and put Scientology ads on our sites (UGH!). I signed up with Commission Junction recently, because we refer so many people to eSet as a good antivirus/security package that it just made sense to be an affiliate. I haven't really gone through and looked at all the other companies much, though.

I signed up for PayPerPost (now Izea, I think?) but I haven't seen any offers for anything I can get behind enough to endorse on our sites. I haven't honestly paid close attention, either, honestly--I should.

I blog about all kinds of things, not just parenting and family issues, so my blog doesn't fit into a niche easily. A couple of my other sites are more closely focused, but I need to get back to using them regularly again.
I've had google adsense for awhile but I don't get enough hits to make any money with that.

I just added a few affiliate links thanks to an article in the last mom bloggers club newsletter! We'll see how that works.
Oh well on my book review blog I've had over 100 free books for that. I don't count that as monetizing though.
I do a little of paid blogging and so far I've earned a little over $50 doing that. I'm not really aggressive in monetizing my blog but the little money that's coming in is great, considering that I'm using a free hosting. I also have some paid advertisements on my site and get a few dime from them.
I keep on hearing that I need to be wait for clicks on articles I have written. So far I have earned pennies for Adsense, youdata, and PayPal. I'm writing several articles a day. Patient is not my virtue.

I have no ads, but am an affiliate for two groups. I contribute to 3 other sites with my writing.

Monetizing my blog will be a problem since I cannot break the 100-a-day visitors mark. I've been blogging 3 months...shouldn't I be doing better? Again patience is not my strong suit.

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