Hi everyone!
With my blog officially launching on Tuesday next week, I was curious how long do you typically take to write a blog post? Which types of blog posts take longer to write? Which ones are shorter?

It's funny-- I've been in marketing communications for 9 years and write all the time, but I'm thinking I'd be on the higher end if I wrote like I do in my day job!!

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Congrats on your blog launch!! Each of my posts probably takes me at least an hour to write and an hour to edit. Sometimes more but honestly I lose track of time when I'm writing.

I write about life balance in the context of all kinds of experiences and perspectives. I feel like I need more quick posts but once I get writing, it's hard for me to rein it in.

It took me about three hours to design my blog header and get it to look right on my blog. Crazy!

If I am just writing a post about my life, kids etc. Then it only takes about an hour. If I am doing review and giveaway posts, then it takes 3 hours plus to write. It is definitely the most time consuming because of all the research that goes into it. Congrats on your new site!
For me, it depends on whether I am simply writing about my own life and experiences, in which case I write pretty quickly, or whether I am writing about something that requires me to do some research and fact-checking to make sure I am presenting accurate information. In those situations, a post could take me a couple of hours, easily.
It takes me a couple of days. I write and I try to do at least two rewrites before I publish it to the blog.
The length of time for me depends on how long/in-depth the post is. Lately, I usually go at least 2 hours from draft to final. Most of my posts are averaging between 1,000 to 1,500 words, so pretty in-depth. I've had the odd post take up to 4-6 hours, though. That's extremely rare.

The length of time doesn't really bother me, as long as I feel like the finished post is good quality.
Just takes a couple of minutes! I just whip 'em out when I have a story to tell.
I would say it takes a little over two hours from start to finish, because sometimes the idea you first had when you first sit down and start writing is not the one you end up publishing. Congratulations and welcome to the blog world!

It depends on the theme - if it is connected with some kind of comparison or research, then writing the post can be even longer than an hour, but most often it takes me less, because I tend to blog about things that impress me or I have a passion about and this means I have already my opinion and information needed. I doubt anyone will invest more time in posting if they don't have a good revenue from blogging.
I'm so glad you asked this question, Melissa! I've been secretly wondering if I'm unusually slow and reading all these answers has made me feel better. :-) I work as a freelance writer, and the majority of my blog posts are in the form of short essays--around 500-700 words--about life parenting my two teens. I probably take between 2-3 hours total to write, edit,and rewrite (rewrite, rewrite...) my posts. This usually takes place over two to three days though, because I don't like to edit it immediately after I've written the rough draft.
It depends sometimes things follow quickly and sometimes I have to write, save, and revise.
This was a really good question and I loved hearing the answers to find out I'm normal hehe! It takes me about an hour to write - then there's time added for adding images or answering commentors etc. I post 5 days a week and I think I spend around 2 hours a day on my actual blog - a lot of my "wasted" time is spent reading other blogs - but that's not wasted right - it's fun!!!!
It doesn't usually take me long. Anywhere from a half an hour to a couple of hours. It all depends on what is in my head. I am not one to do research type posts or giveaways, they are typically about something that is on my mind.

Good luck with your blog!

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