How much money do you actually make blogging/hosting ads?

Forgive me for being redundant if this discussion already exists--I looked around and didn't see it but I may have missed it.

With all the negative press about blogging for profit and all the FTC/mommy blogger stuff, I'm wondering how much money are mom bloggers actually making and whether it's worth all the heat. I know it's easy to make a few dollars here and there, but if someone wants to make an actual living--how easy/hard is it to do by blogging?

For instance, if you run ads on your blog--how much money do you make? Are we talking a significant amount of money or a few dollars a month? I see all these blogs that look like patchwork quilts because they're so full of ads--is it really worth all the trouble?

Maybe I'm just lazy (ok, I am lazy) but I can't imagine going to the effort that I see a lot of people going to if it's not bringing in a significant amount of money. Then again, I say that having a full-time job and very little free time; maybe if I were a SAHM (was one for 8 years) I'd feel differently?

I know there's probably no way to quantify, but is there some kind of ballpark figure anyone can give as to how much a for-profit blogger generally makes? I know it's not that simple, but anyone have any kind of estimate? E.g. hundreds of dollars a month versus thousands of dollars a month? Or is it nowhere near that much?


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I am curious too. I am also interested in tips on how to drive more traffic to your site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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