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Hi all,

I've recently posted a blog post regarding my toddler getting sick for pretty much the first time ever. It was about the situation surrounding the sickness (6ths Disease aka Roseola) and definetly not the sickness itself. I had a person comment, stating it wasnt funny that my child was sick and they couldn't laugh. This was the first, that I've heard, negative comment about one of my blog posts. Now seeing as that they are supposed to be funny and I'm always questioning whether or not I'm being funny, this affected me greatly. I know I shouldn't let it bother me, because it's one anonymous person out of how many people that have read my blog, but it still bothered me to the point where I thought I should stop blogging for awhile. HOw have you all handled situations that may or may not be similiar?

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Sorry that this affected you so much! I'm still a small blog so I haven't come across negative comments yet, but it's something that I've thought about.

It's easy advice to say let it slide off your back...but I know it's harder than that. Really though, don't take it to heart. Remember that written words can easily be taken out of context or read in a different way. If it eases your mind you can think of a million different reasons why they posted. (they could be in a bad mood, they may have a sick child at home, English may not be their first language, they hate humor....make one up). It's usually not about you, it's about the other person. I know that if I had a differing opinion I wouldn't be snarky, I'd just move on. I'm guessing you would do the same. There are many people who just have issues and for some reason like to anonymously take it out on others.

DON'T STOP BLOGGING...keep on going! I'm guessing that you started for yourself and to save these moments in time. In the end, it's for YOU and not for the random other people...whether they be snarky or supportive.

Power on! :)

Henna |

I read the blog post, which was funny mostly because I've been there done that. And then I read Anon's comment, which was neither coherent, nor did it make good use of English. From the info provided in the comment, Anon is *obviously* a self-absorbed person who like to take a giant whizz in everybody's Cheerios. Go ahead and delete the comment from the blog, and your email, and delete your response to it. Pretend like it never happened, because that it the best way to deal with trolls who use anonymity as a weapon to hurt.

Mama bloggers use their platform to tell their oh-so-familiar stories to people who get it. We tell our stories so other people know that they are not alone, sometimes so that we can hear somebody else say to us, "you are not alone." Almost everyone uses comedy, self-deprecation, or some sort of humour/snark/sarcasm to diffuse the stress of being a wife/parent/friend/daughter/etc. Almost none of us uses our platform to make people feel like crap about themselves. When we call out every little anonymous jerk, we give them power. Do not give the power of your story away to someone who neither cares nor deserves it.

It really sucks when people are mean. I'm sorry this happened to you. It's happened on my blog, and with people I actually know. Let it go, take your power back, and write more.

I am sorry that this happened.  I have had some negative comments on my blogs.  I have blogged about my growing up Catholic and my struggles with what I perceive as hypocrisy in the Church.I have also written about the ongoing Priest abuse scandal here in Philadelphia and the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State scandal.  ... Yea, I know!  No wonder I got some negative feedback!  lol...  But when I did get the negative comments, I tried not to let it get to me, but it does.  It is hard not to, especially when you put your hear and soul into what you write.  It is a part of you, out there, that someone is saying they do not like.  As much as it hurts,  if the comment is not vulgar, or profane or mean, I leave it.  If it is too upsetting I delete it.  One time I actually deleted a person from seeing my blog, because they called me some pretty hateful names.  Remember, it is YOUR blog.  YOUR thoughts, don't stop writing because of one nut job.  They are not worth it.  You are worth more.  We as women, have a tough enough time trying to please EVERYONE!  We don't have to do that with our blog.  They can love it or leave it.  Good luck!!!! Keep. Writing.!  

I just read it and the comment.  I don't quite understand the comment the dolt left, but I LOVED your blog.  You are my kinda people!  You now have a new follower!  Great stuff.  


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