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There are many mom bloggers who want to know how to earn money blogging.  I’ll cover that a little more in part two of this series, but today I want to give you a warning about advertisers.


I love advertisers they can be a bloggers best friend or worst enemy.  When you are just starting out it is so easy to become flattered when people reach out and tell you that they love your blog and think they have something your readers will love.


You probably think to yourself, “That’s awesome I’m reaching people!  Sure I’ll share that with my readers.”  Suddenly you realize that this carefully worded compliment is actually a ploy to allow them free advertising space on your blog.


If your not careful you’ll take the bait and miss out on a great opportunity to earn money with your blog. 


Advertisers know that they are supposed to pay you for that space but if they can send you a flattering email and you think they just really love you, they’ve hooked you into free advertising.


I should know this just happened to me.  I was working really late and tired and received one of these “I love your blog and  your readers will love this”.  They were even kind enough to supply the link to their page with their product. I thought ,”Great!”. 

In the morning with a clear mind all of a sudden it dawned on me, “ Oh you sneaky wolf in sheep clothing you are trying to get free advertising space.”  Caught you!


I’m not saying all advertisers do this but hey, if they can get away with it why not?


So as a mom blogger keep a watchful eye on your field, which is your blog by the way. If you look closely you may spot a wolf in sheep clothing creeping into your territory.



This is Part One Of  A Two Part Series You Watch For the Second Part “Top  5 Tips For Making Money With Your Blog”

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Thanks for the info, I will look for the part 2, I wondered about that.  I will keep positive, not let all of this overwhelm me. 

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