Hello - my name is Katy and I have movie review blog. It's not only from a mom's perspective but a female's perspective. So many reviewers out there are men and so many movies are made for the male audience. I want to help others dig through the muck and find some real gems.


Plus, I promise not to reveal the story.


Please follow me on my blog: http://www.tiredofpreviews.com/





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Hi Katy

I am following your blog… I really enjoyed it .....plz follow both of my blogs

Style Up Your Life

Home Remedies & Household Tips

         thanks in advance

Hi I am now following your blog. I am wondering if you have any DVD contacts you can share with me.  I know you must have permission to share so I am just wondering if you have any you would be able to share with me?  Please email me at mrs.cakes01@yahoo.com if you have any,  Thanks!  Please disregaurd this message if you do not have any to share.  Thanks ahead of time!  I love your Movie reviews!
Ill follow you, please follow back. http://playtimebreak.blogspot.com  Thanks!
Ill follow you, please follow back. http://playtimebreak.blogspot.com  Thanks!

Hello, Im Kandy

Im looking for more followers http://kandylandkurls.blogspot.com please leave a comment with your site address and I will follow back. Thanks in advance.

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