I dropped BlogHer Ads. What are the best alternatives?

I recently removed BlogHer Ads from my blog because of their policy changes regarding hosting giveaways. The little extra cash BlogHer brought in was nice, but what I really liked was the extra traffic that came from them posting my blog headlines under their ads. Is there any other network out there that helps promote your blog posts in that way? What are the best advertising alternatives besides Google Ads?

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I was shocked at BlogHer's attempt to control our content. I found it funny that should a company place in ad in say a magazine or newspaper they would have NO CONTROL over the surrounding content- and yet in bloggy land they expect to have control over such things? Bizzarre.

So I dropped them.
I replaced them with corporate ads (paid 3 months in advance) as well as affiliate ads (I get a percentage of all the sales made by the click thru from my site). Visit CJ Affiliates for such programs.

And good luck! Just remember once you monetize your blog you have a responsibility to post regualrily and keep it 'clean'....but other than that it can bring in a nice amount of money monthly!
Other ad networks to check out:

Six Apart Media (you don't have to have a TypePad blog to join)
FoodBuzz (for food blogs)

MomLogic and FoodBuzz have restrictions on reviews and don't want you running other ads. BuzzLogic and Six Apart Media are less restrictive - they only want above the fold placement, but allow you to do reviews, giveaways, and have other ads. I've even been given some sponsored review opportunities via Six Apart.

FatVine is new, but there are opportunities to get exposure. My food blog was just asked to be part of Latina Magazine network, for example. It's a market I wouldn't have considered at all.

BuzzLogic is growing and has some great clients like Seventh Generation and Moer faucets. Plus their ad disappears if there is no content - no filler ads. Six Apart is growing even faster. They use Adify and you have a lot of control over what ads you run and what you do with your unsold inventory (and they offer free webinars on how to figure that out).

Still, BlogHer Ad Network pays better than most the other ad networks I've used. Yes, they have restrictions, but there are ways to work around that by starting a review blog. The exposure you get through the Blogher Ad Network is worth it, not just for traffic but for companies and PR firms finding you because you're on their network.
I'm new to this advertising stuff... so please forgive me as I am about to ask a question you'll likely all roll your eyes at.

Looking at the list of companies you've suggested, how do you "get in" with this places? For example, a quick trip over to BH&G resulted in a frustrated blogger with no answers :o)

Rather than look (probably in the wrong place) for ages, I thought it might make sense to just ask?
Commission Junction, Performics, Amazon.com, Linkshare, Affiliate Future, Shareasale, Pepperjam

I'm not sure how the rules are different from 5 years ago when I applied, but these are great affiliate networks to deal with. Linkshare is not always to be trusted with sales, but they pay in a timely manner. CJ.com can be a bit iffy at times as well. You might have to apply for a business tax ID like I did if you don't trust any of these networks with your SS#.

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