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I really don't expect an answer to this question, but I'll try anyway ... ( does that sound pitiful enough?)

Hi fellow bloggers. Let me start by saying I have enjoyed reading all these posts and bits of advice. They have been a great starting point for me as I head out of the private blog world into the public one. I have been keeping a blog since 2004 but only recently (about 2 1/2 months ago) left the site and started my own. It has given me much more freedom and I can truly say I love it! I am coming up against one big frustration however. I work out of the house P/T and my husband is working barely to cover our butts. I am hoping to, in some way, make enough to cover the cost of my blog and have some extras. I understand the competition and secrecy around this topic and have found it pretty amazing that people who will share with you their menstrual cycles, religious beliefs ( and lack thereof), child raising philosophies and even what brand deoderent they prefer, will not throw a new blogger a bone and give some advise on how they are making a few dollars monetizing their blogs! I do get it, really, that you feel protective over your hard earned sponserships, and I am not asking to be given the key to the kingdom. I only wish someone would have the heart to answer a request and maybe serve as a mentor or guide. I hope I didn't come off harsh. Sarcasm and attitude without the chuckle and grin can be hard to convey in writing. I just hope someone who remembers how it was to start out will take pity upon some of us young uns and maybe even send a few private messages if they don'twant some of their secrets to become public knowledge. Okay, I think I am done begging for the the day! Have a great one and thanks for listening at least! :)

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There are many ways to monetize your blog and it just depends on what would be best for you.

I've done ok with selling banner ads (about $800 in a year) I sell them privately. Mostly people approach me and ask about space. I don't do a lot to promote it. Just make it clear on your blog that you offer paid spots and have a media kit ready with your terms etc so you can respond in a professional manner.

Also check out Project Wonderful

Many other bloggers do well with ad networks like Blogher, Glam etc but they require you have lots of impressions if you want to make money. They also have restrictions around where the ads have to go, what else you promote ect so do your homework on those.

You can also go into affiliate marketing - I've not had much luck with that but I know many who do. Check out Commission Junction, Pepperjam network and ....what's that other big one? Maybe someone else will know....

And you can also monetize your twitter profile - I've done ok with that one ($50) Here's my affiliate link for Twittad

Think about what method best suits you and your blog and then set about to make it work. It is's not easy to make money blogging. Those that do put in more than full time hours to make it happen. It's not just about putting up some banners and watching the money roll in. You've got to develop an audience, content, the whole she-bang. It takes time. Good luck!
Thank you! I hang my head in shame. There are obviously some who will chime in when asked. I really appreciate that you took the time to answer me!!! Thanks again!
You shouldn't have to beg for anything, however, I understand how the world of the internet works and it is very difficult to get started up. I began my quest for a home based business in January 2009 and have currently invested over $10,000 and haven't received a dime in return. Yes, I've fallen prey to several scams out there but have fought very hard to retrieve some of that money back. I have succeeded in getting some back, but I am still feeding two of my current businesses in hopes of having some return on investment soon.

Monetizing your blog is done in several ways, Affiliate Marketing, which I have been trying is a good place to start. As stated below, Commission Junction is okay. Try and to find some things to sell and promote via blog or PPC. Amazon will help you set up an ECommerce website which I hear is pretty easy and fruitful. I have not tried it yet.

You could try to put Adsense on your blog by contacting Google. You will be paid for every click one of their ads gets. I haven't made much money on that at all, but at least it costs nothing to do.

You can also try PPC, pay per click advertising. Before you do this you really need to go to Google and research every aspect of this type of campaign. This could bankrupt you if you don't do it correctly. I have made some money at this, but I am very conservative so I don't take many chances. I made a bunch of money, but lost it in the same campaign. Yes, I learned from my mistake. I am working up the kahoonas to try it again. If you want to talk about this, please let me know.

Other than that all I can say is just keep blogging and posting. Submit your blog to all the search engines. Write articles and submit to Ezine!!! The more your name gets out there, the more the search engines like you.

Good Luck and keep the faith,
I was thinking the same but recently I just took upon myself to really get to know the woman first. Thank you for being brave enough!



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