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There are so many reasons why we start to blog. Some of us begin blogging to find camaraderie among moms. Others of us start blogging because we want to hone our skill as writers or because we have some really heavy ideas that we want to share with anyone who will listen. And, then again, some of us start blogging because of all the FREE stuff.

Why did you start blogging?

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I originally started blogging in high school so that I could keep up with my friends (and them with me) who had moved away or went back to their home schools. I went to a public residential high school, and it wasn't a perfect fit for everyone. My friends and I still use blogs to share our info! I'm just now realizing that there is a bigger world out there, and I want to offer help for people who have been in similar situations as the ones I have been experiencing as a new mother. And I could use some more friends!
I started blogging to supplement my online boutique. I also thought it would be a great way to connect with other moms and a great way for me to share some of my experiences with other moms.
I started blogging mainly because I kept finding myself in jaw dropping situations with well-to-do expat moms in Paris and thought that the stories had to be told, but I wasn't sure how until I saw a report on French TV about blogging. That's when I had my A-HA moment.

Other reasons:

1/ I also need to vent about living in another culture and everything that comes along with that (language mishaps, cultural misunderstandings,..)

2/ As Evolving Mommy Catherine stated, to get my brain going again. I felt out of touch with my native language in the written form after a decade of writing short emails then taking care of kids. Blogging has given me self confidence in my communication skills again. I can write a coherent sentence!!
I started blogging to connect with other moms who where sleep-deprived, and stressed out like I was. It was nice not feeling ALONE. Mom bloggers are the best supporters.

In the past, I managed a "zine" and a few websites, so I wasn't going in totally cold, but I still had a lot to learn. Still do.

Amy {Mom Spark}
I started blogging to keep sane while preggers with my son & to keep everyone updated on my mundane life. LOL
It looked like a lot of fun. A great place to record my thoughts, stay in touch with family and make new friends. The free stuff is cool, but the people I have "met" - much cooler!
I always loved to write, it just seemed to fit.I can't believe what its become, though! You just never know! :)
Funny, I just wrote a blog post that touches on this: The Social Fiber Artist. I like talking to people about my fiber crafts, but I don't always have a lot of people around I can talk to in person, so my blog is my crafting dialogue.
I did because a few of our friends were blogging and I just thought it would be a great way to keep our extended family up to date!
I needed a creative outlet.
I started my personal blog because I've always been a journal keeper but over time had been really bad about keeping a paper journal. Blogging was a way for me to do some journaling, but always keep people in my life updated.

I started my baby reviews blog because I had many friends who got pregnant after me ask for advice on products I had used. This was an easy way to update and provide access to this info.
I started blogging mainly to update my family who lives on the other side of the states. But then it grew into more of an outlet and a great place to put a few recipes here and there. I blog at


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