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Okay So I have been curious about Twitter for a long time, it seems like all of my favorite sites and blogs are using it and bragging about how many followers they have! I WANT TO TWEET too!

The reason I have waited so long is because I do NOT understand twitter, when I look at someones Twitter page I feel like the tweets dont make a lot of sense, and I can never tell what tweets are from who.Can someone make sense of this for me? Is there a website explaining this madness?

I want my blog posts to be tweeted, I want to tweet some random thoughts and I want to meet more mommy's that tweet! (Tweet, Twitter, I using the word in a sentence correctly lol?)

Do I have to go and tweet about my blog posts or is there a way that twitter automatically does it?

Do you find twitter helpful to your blog in gaining readers?

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Hey Melissa....

I have been on twitter since Feb...I have a hubpage on tweeting that I am sharing with you....It gives you basics info that you need to know to start tweeting....If you need more help plz do not hesitate to ask me.

Ann Marie
Thanks!! I will check it out
If your a fan of youtube at all, I found a ton of interesting tutorials there on twitter. Of course there are tons of great twitter resources and blogs about it but for some basics and as a beginner, watching a video seems to be a nice hand holder!
Hi Melissa,

I have been using twitter since mar I guess, I had signed up last year...but I too, was confused by what it was and how to benefit me.

I paid around 27 dollars for a twitter tutorial which was showed me how to add people in my interest group (mainly moms and mompreneurs) it also showed me how to do some auto-tweets and I didn't have to be at my computer 24/7. I probably log on about 5-15 mins per day now...and reply to anyone's specific questions.

I now have over 12,000 followers and it's pretty fun.

feel free to join me at and I'd be happy to give u some tips as you are tweeting.

Jody :)
PS if you want to talk to someone directly put @jodymal in your update...and I will automatically see it and reply to you and your question.
Have a great thanksgiving
you can do it! I get so much web traffic via twitter. It's really fun too because the people you do get tend to be genuinely interested in what you're talking about. I've been able to get to know some of the other women who blog via tweeting casual conversations as well as updating followers about what's going on on the blog. You can participate in larger discussions too with hashtags. I use Hoot Suite because I like to schedule my tweets but Tweet Deck does a good job managing tweets too. It makes it way easier to keep it all organized. You'll learn as you go. Just jump in and try!


I love being involved in Twitter. I feel like I have new friends from all over the world. Twitter rocks for great current information, links to useful websites and ready help on almost any subject. I found it was helpful to listen at first and to learn from people I admired. Good luck!


The For Dummies site has a page about twitter - lots of useful info!

Please feel free to follow me as well and yell on twitter if you have a question
It's easier to understand once you start it & jump into it. I think of it more like a combination of instant messaging, chat room, & headline notices. I think you can really use it anyway you like, someone told me they think it reminds them of the old-school CBs but online & that seems fair. If only I was as cool as those 70s movies :)

You can also use automatic feeds that will post your newest blog posts, with something like

There are also different programs you can use that help you organize it more, like tweetdeck.

And then just start following bloggers that you already follow in your reader & "talk" to them. I really like that aspect of the whole thing,because I get a chance to "talk" more with people who read me & who I read.



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