I have been pretty casual about my blog for a while now, but I would love to get more subscribers and viewers.  Any tips on building my audience?  Please advise.



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Blog hops and week-long blog parties.  I do both and I have greatly increased my readership.  In my right-hand side bar I have about 40 or so blog hops that I participate in at one point or another...I also host a blog hop each Friday called Mommy Teaches. The trick is, though - when you link up your blog post you ought to visit at least 1 or 2 other linked up blogs and leave a comment.  Twitter is also a great resource.

Can you please tell me what blog hops are? How do they work?

Absolutely!  A blog hop is where a blogger's post allows other bloggers to link up a post from their blog.  If you go to the bottom of my post here you'll see that several bloggers have linked up their post.

You'll see below their pictures bold blue font that says, "Click Here to Enter" - you click on that and it will walk you through.

Some blog hops are for specific types of posts: recipes, DIY projects, photos, homeschooling, spiritual themes...some are general (like mine) and allow for any topic.  Be sure to read their instructions before posting.  For example, I allow a blogger to link up as many posts at they want on an G-rated topic - but no giveaways.  Some bloggers are very strict and will actually delete posts that do not comply.  I'm more lenient and will let it slide - as long as one blogger doesn't do it consistently.

I hope this helps.  :)  My blog hop is still going on until Thursday - link up with me!  :)  If you need more help, let me know. Also, my right sidebar has links to all the blog hops I participate in.  So, be sure to click on some of them this week, too.  

Thanks so much for this reply! I would love more help and will ping you directly for it. I am pretty much having the same issue: I dont know how to move beyond my immediate circle of people i know for more readership.

Looking forward to chatting with you about blog stuff :)



That's the same problem I was having.  When I started blog hopping I began to "meet" some really wonderful people...we are all each other's faithful readers now.  :)  It really does work.  

Just linked up to your blog hop. Yaay! My first ever. Thanks so much.

Awesome!!!  I can't wait to read your post and visit your blog.  :)  Did you see the blog hop buttons on my right side bar?  There are hops from Monday through Friday.  :)  Eat your heart out!  haha!  It is a lot of fun.  I look forward to blog hopping every week.  

I am following you now. <3

i would love more readers as well. lets network together!

Hi! I followed. Your blog looks great. Would you please follow us back as well? Thanks so much!

Colleen at Sugar Aunts

Hi Drey! I feeling the same way. I'm looking for ways to create traffic for my new blog. Please follow me at and on my website at and I will return the favor. I look forward to reading your blogs! Have a great day!

Hello, I followed...I loved your Halloween doughnut post! Please follow us, Would LOVE to gain more views and followers, as well!

Colleen at Sugar Aunts




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