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I am in need of prayers.  No one in my family is dying, we are all healthy, and I am so grateful!!  I am asking for prayers of employment.  Things are getting harder each month and I am going on 6 months soon of unemployment.  I have decided to clean houses but so far have only picked up 3 houses and 2 of those are every other week.  Please take a look at my blog and let me know that you have taken a moment to pray for us.  I have 4 children and an amazing husband.  He works very hard for us, but we are just your typical family trying to make it week in and week out.  I hope you will take a moment to say a little prayer!  Thank you!! 





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Sending prayers your way! We have went through my fiance being laid off THREE times this year!

Girl, I will pray for you tonight. I understand how it is. Be positive.
Thanks for the prayers!! I think they are working! I got a message yesterday to talk to a new possible client! Please keep the prayers coming! Thank you so much! These past 5 years have been so difficult! First we lost our home in Katrina and had to take out a second mortgage to rebuild because insurance didnt pay. Then 16 months later we lost our new home to a fire. I lost my business and then got a job after searching for about a year and was laid off 17 months later. There have been many blessings as well, but financially it's been a difficult road. I appreciate all the prayers I can get.
Hey Newbie,

My prayers with you...sincerely...

God Bless!



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