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I have a growing following on my blog...finally reached 200, but this past week I've had 3 people unsubscribe. Two of them said they weren't going to give a reason and someone else said they were following another way.


Should I respond to them at all? Do I thank them for the time they spent at my blog? Say goodbye? I would love to find out why they aren't subscribing anymore. Is it because I haven't had a giveaway this past week? Is it because I've only had book reviews this past week? Does my writing stink? Because I'm a Christian?


It's hard not to take this personal and it'd be great if they gave a reason. I like to know things and understand them, so the last option, which is totally obscure leaves me wondering what I did or didn't do. I know that my blog started growing by leaps when I started my giveaways, so I"m guessing that's it.


I have so few subscribers as it is that losing 3 is about 1/4 of them. hahahaha If I had 300 I probably wouldn't think about it as much, but 3 in one week is a lot! Anyone have some ideas or answers?


My blog is Woven by Words.

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I try not to make subscribing one of the options in a giveaway. I'd rather have Followers. I never know who comes and who goes that way. :) I'm such a sad person...hahahaha

Thank you for checking out my blog. I truly appreciate the time you took to do so!
I'd say let them go freely. I know when I unsubscribe from a blog, I'd prefer not to be bothered. Work hard to post quality insights to gain back the three readers you lost...and catch the eye of new ones.
I'd have to say I'm the same way...I don't want to be bothererd. I don't leave a reason for unsubscribing either, which makes me feel bad. Typically I leave because I'm not interested in their site anymore, so of course, that's what I figure happens in my case.

I think it was the fact that I lost 3 in one week so found it very disconcerting. One did tell me, I believe, that she was subscribing a different way, so that was nice.

Thanks for the feedback!
Wait, 200? And losing 3 or 4 is what percentage? I'm so easily confused! But the point is, usually when someone unsubscribes, it's not personal. Maybe they don't have time to keep up with blogs right now. Maybe they are in the process of moving. Maybe they are undergoing a life change such as divorce, surgery, etc. There could be many reasons why someone unsubscribes, and I just can't take it personally. I'd be upset all the time. I've unsubscribed from a few as my interests and time committments have changed. I don't mean to hurt anyone. So, I agree with Horrible.Sanity who says "let them go freely." Then you can focus on trying to reach new readers! Good luck to you!
hahaha forgetful one, I have only recently had 200 followers, if that's what you're referring to. That's because I'm part of the Friends Following Friends group now and these ladies have seriously come through! *grin* I would say I have 20 or so "subscribers" so it's noticeable when they leave because I'm sent a message telling me. I think the only reason I posted this question initially is because 3 of them happened within one week! I've never had that happen and didn't understand what was going on. With so few subscribers as it was, losing 3 was surprising.

I am over it as I'm realizing myself that I tend not to subscribe to a site but prefer to follow it. I would have to say I'm over it. For sure!

Thank you ladies, all of you who have taken the time to come here and encourage me to press on! I truly appreciate it! You're awesome!!
how the heck do you find out if someone unsubscribes LOL
I \'ve unsubscribed to newsletters and blogs when I've become flooded with emails that I can't keep up or if the information isn't relevant to my lifestyle or family anymore.
Don't take it personal just like In Real Life, online people come and go :)
Melinda, I'm sent a message from Feedblitz that someone has unsubscribed or has subscribed. I'm so glad you haven't ever received a message that someone has unsubscribed!! *grin*

On the flip side of unsubscribers, I wonder what has made someone want to subscribe since I typcially don't make it part of a giveaway! Who knows why we each do what we do.
I have never asked any one why they unsubscribed, maybe I should. I wonder why when it happens. Usually when I unsubscribe from some one it is because I am somehow end up following them as a google friend and the Blogger reader. I have them both show in my google account so I am getting double posts.

Maybe they were following in another way.
I think when some subscribes and when they unsubscribe that is just the name of the game. Yes 3 in one week would get me thinking especially if my numbers were low and it was noticeable. But I would never contact anyone for unsubscribing. People have their reasons so I would just let them be and like others have said focus time/energy on creating great content to get new readers.

Great questions though.


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