I wanted to start a new thread because some of these discussions get so long that half of the blogs get lost!

I think we all want to grow our blogs. I'd love to find other passionate bloggers out there. We can help each other grow and find new inspiration in each other while we're at it.



I'm Henna. Here's my blog ----> http://hennablossom.com

facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/hennablossomblog

PLEASE "LIKE" my facebook page and/or leave a comment on my blog. I'd love to visit yours as well.

My blog is filled with photography, daily life, travel, sometimes fashion posts, sometimes I get crafty, hopefully inspiration posts, just the mix of what I'm going through and what is inspiring me at the moment.

My profile goes something like this: a city girl and a dreamer. wife to a good man, mama to the cutest little chub of a boy. i love photography, art, design, language, travel and being inspired. I blog about all of the above. and sometimes none of the above.

Looking forward to meeting other bloggers! Maybe we share can our stories and swap some blogging advice!

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Hi Jenna! Definitely excited to read your blog. Sounds like you're a girl after my own heart. Love that you are so active and still traveling with two little ones!




Jenna Tricarichi said:

Hi everyone.  I'm Jenna and I am new to blogging.  I am currently living abroad in Belgium but will soon be moving back to the States.  I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old.  I plan to blog about cooking, entertaining, travel, kiddie crafts, fashion, design (will be decorating a lot once we buy a new home) and all the other mommy stuff.  I will try to follow a lot of these blogs.  Please visit mine if you get a chance!


Hey Whitney, thanks for joining the thread! I'm totally with you, I'd rather be part of a supportive returning community than just get views to my page.

Sounds like your an active and creative mama! off to check out your page!



http://hennablossom.com / http://facebook.com/hennablossomblog

Whitney Pritchard said:

Hi there. I'm Whitney... my blog is "The (Sometimes) Glam Mom". I am a mom of three, all born via c-section, and I started blogging to relieve my frustrations with everything from breastfeeding, weightloss, and finding legitimate ways to make a living as a SAHM. I lost almost 70 pounds in less than a year using a variety of techniques and without joining a gym. Now I spend my time encouraging other moms to get healthy and to take care of themselves so they can be happy moms.

I do a lot of tutorials and product reviews and giveaways but I'm really looking to expand my mommy blogging followers so I get real feedback and not just views on the page. I would love some friends to actually vent to and relate to!

I just created a Facebook fan page as well, https://www.facebook.com/TheSometimesGlamMom?fref=ts, where I'll keep every one updated on my blog of course. Anyone who follows me or stops by and "likes" the page, I will do the same for. Lets get more virtual "friends" and not just views ladies!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


The Sometimes Glam Mom

Welcome to blogging! :) I started a little before you (mid February) but it already feels like so much a part of my life.

Off to go check out your blog!



http://hennablossom.com | http://facebook.com/hennablossomblog

Jodi Flaherty said:

Hi I am Jodi, blogging since this past March.  Looking to network, learn & share with fellow mommy/daddy bloggers.  Hoping to eventually focus on reviews and giveaways.   New to MBC.

Here are my details ( I follow back, if you leave a note with your info)!


Find links on blog to connect on FB, twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, TumblR, pinterest, Instagram,LinkedIn.  Also on BlogLovin & NetworkedBlogs

Hi ladies,

My name is Nicole. My blog is Mompreneur Media. It is a blog is mostly about marketing.  I promote mom entrepreneurs,  offer business tips, inspiration, and help empower moms to rock their businesses online.

My blog: http://mompreneurmedia.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MompreneurMedia

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/MompreneurMedia

Pinterest: http://Pinterest.com/NicoleOrozco

Hello, I am Lisa and I blog at Try This!   I would love some followers on my blog via email subscriptions and my facebook page.  I have followed the pages above this post and if you comment on my pages I will be sure to return the likes.



Hi everyone. My blog is new and it's really pretty bare still but I'm constantly working on something to add to it (or one of my many other sites). I don't consider myself a good writer but I am getting better (I think.) I tend to post about things either pre planned/scheduled or spur of the moment especially when I see something that provokes me. Like my article today about smoking pot to regulate insulin and/or lose weight, would you? I'm not real sure where my site will go but currently I'm using it too explore the many topics us moms can find ourselves involved in daily.

I'm here to basically build a network with other bloggers while learning new things about blogs opportunities today and sharing ideas in growing my blog and yours. I'm hoping to find some new friends, guest blog post, and definitely grow my social networks. Please follow or like my network links below:

My blog: tttp://www.momma-knows.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Momma-Knows/133456120172648

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MommaKnows

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/mommaknowsitall/



Coupons, recipes, shopping trips...just a life of a MOM...

follow me and Ill follow back!!

Hello, everyone:)

My name is Luba. Here is my blog: http://colorfulyogalife.com/

And my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ColorfulYogaLife?ref=hl

Please, like my Facebook Page. I would really appreciate it! 

I'm going through other blogs now:)

Hi Luba! i'm in brooklyn, too. :)

i posted my info already but here it is again:



Liubov Kholov said:

Hello, everyone:)

My name is Luba. Here is my blog: http://colorfulyogalife.com/

And my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ColorfulYogaLife?ref=hl

Please, like my Facebook Page. I would really appreciate it! 

I'm going through other blogs now:)

Hey! I am Graceful Homemaker. I recently started a new blog. =)

I like blogging about daily life, cooking and sharing recipes, canning, homeschooling, inspirational post, products, giveaways, etc. I usually don't get to blog as much as I would like to, but hope I can squeeze in more time in the future. =)

My blog is: http://momathomerulestheworld.blogspot.com/

Please "like" my facebook page too!

My facebook page is:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mom-At-Home-Rules-The-World/16891612... 

You can also find links on my blog to follow me via Linky, Blogfrog, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, etc! =)

Thank you  and God bless!

Felicia, I love the name of your blog!  So cute.  I'm at http://princesspartytime.blogspot.com/ and I blog about princess party ideas and other girly stuff.  I have 3 little princesses and we love to dress up and pretend all sorts of fun things.  You can check out our pinterest boards too at http://pinterest.com/theprincessdres

Felicia Tan said:

Hi! I am Felicia and I blog at www.PrincessAndTheRock.com

I am a stay-at-home mother of two who is aspiring to be their greatest teacher. I occasionally dream to be a fashionista in my too big maternity T-shirt and shorts while I indulge in some jewellery designing and crafting.

My two children, the Princess and the Rock are now four and two years old respectively. They are both really funny and kooky in their own ways. These two munchkins have changed my life and perspective like I have never imagined, but I will never trade them for anything else.

This blog aims to detail some of thoughts and learning on being a parent of my Princess and the Rock and my homeschooling journey with them.

Twitter - @PrincessandRock

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/PrincessAndTheRock

Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/PrincessNRock

I'll go pop over your blog now! :)

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