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Hi Everyone
I am new to this group but so happy to have found it!

I write two blogs, one for business and one more personal. I am always looking for blogs with related content to feature so please visit my sites and, if your blog relates, let me know about it and I will feature the link on my page(s)

What To Do in DFW-
A Regular DFW Mommy...-

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi. I am new to blogging and new to MBC - love both so far!!!

I have a blog targeted to moms (and written by moms) called The Thrifty Divas. It's about how to be thrifty and still be a diva! It includes thrifty shopping tips and lots of freebies!!! Here's the link:

Maybe we could help each other out by featuring one another. What do you think?
mine is recipes and tips for families, I am always adding new things I have been adding birthday party ideas and travel reviews for families. I hope you like . leave comments I am always working on adding new connect that people want to know .
Hi, I visited your blog and went to post a comment and I couldn't. I have found this once b4 on another blog where it allows you to put the comment, but it's difficult to see the codeword, and even if you tab into it and get the codeword in, you can't send it, so my message would not save. I don't know why this is! Very annoying.. it may be partly why you don't have more comments...

let me know if you fix it.

In the meantime, this is what I wrote in the comment box b4 I realised I couldn't send it!

let me say you have got a fantastic blog, you write so well, so naturally...
As for the daycare situation, I don't know how you really feel about it, you seem to have a very good attitude about it, we put our 2yo in daycare one day a week so I can spend more time with my 10mth baby girl, and TBH, I miss him all day. But if I were at work I guess it might be dif, I reckon I wouldn't cope well at all... tho there are days when I wish I could sit at a desk instead of changing (4) pooy nappies today, running around after them, I don't need to go on really!!!
I just saw this! I don't know if it's my settings or my internet, we've been having some trouble lately with the internet. I changed something and since then it's been acting up. A phone call will fix it.

I am going to start posting again about my family but I want to set up a seperate blog for that to keep the board blog and personal seperate. My old blog (daisy a day) was mainly product review and pointing people to giveaways. I had a lot of fun doing that.

Thank you for the compliment about my writing style. I love to write, I love to talk, so this blogging thing comes naturally to me. I just hate that blogging (the writing part) can be so time consuming. Which is why I am up at 6:15 on Sunday morning and didn't go to bed last night...starting something that you want to see through takes a lot of work.

I changed my blog link so you may have to add me again. The new address is Email me at if you still have problems responding or adding me. :o)
If you want to follow me, feel free. I had another blog, similar to yours, but took it down to replace it with the new one.

I am looking for new blogs to follow as well.
The link has changed to
My blog is about getting all the the free recipes you want!
It's called TheGrabBag I hope you like it:)
I have browsed your blogs but am curious as to what blogs you are wanting to feature? I am just starting up and am working on setting up craft shows in the OKC metro area. My hope is that I will become popular enough to do them regionally, which would of course include the Dallas area.

I am going to set up another blog for a personal talk about my family, what's important to us, and to do what I was doing w/my old blog---featuring other blogs and product reviews. Right now I am focusing on the memory boards though.

Anyway, let me know if you'd like to feature my blog. I will always accept that! I am going to try to do giveaways soon, maybe one a week until I build enough inventory to do more.

Nice "meeting" you.
My blog is to promote my online store but I also have a lot of posts coming in about newborns and baby care. I try to keep new content coming in all the time, so when people check back, they will always find something new to read!

My blog is
My store is

I think your blog looks great! Did you say you have a business blog? If you are looking for ways to promote your store, check out

It's pronounced SO COOL and it is for businesses and your posts automatically go to your Twitter account :)


I joined MBC recently and just noticed your post. Not sure if you're still looking for blogs to write about but i write the blog for KIDO'Z, which is a kid's web environment where kids can browse sites, watch youtube videos and play games safely and on their own.

My blog covers a range of topics around how to keep your kids safe online, top kids websites etc. Our latest post is about our new leading team member who is a well-known and respected Kids Entertainment Executive. Here is the link to our blog:

Im not sure if this is inline with what you need but I hope that you'd be interested in writing about our blog/product :)

Have a great day!!
Hi! I live in Burleson. I would love to be featured in your blogs. My website is geared towards parenting and kids, especially larger families. You can see my website at


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