Low Cost Advertising: Just $10 For The Month of April!

I have something really exciting to announce. My post the other day aboutmonetizing your blog was kind of the teaser for today’s big announcement.

I mentioned in that post that I was going to start offering ad space on the side bar of my blog and I was seeking sponsors to fill the space. My first thought was to approach companies I’ve worked with and companies with products I would feel comfortable endorsing.

Then I started thinking about how often I get emails from other bloggers asking me how they can drive traffic to their site. The one thing I neverencourage them to do is to purchase advertising for their site. The main reason for that is because it is so expensive! When I first started out, I inquired about advertising on some bigger blogs and was shocked to be told that their advertising space would cost $250-$500 a month just for a 125×125 ad! Which immediately put advertising on other blogs out of my reach.

Forget about pay per click or pay per impressions ads, unless you really know what you are doing…it’s like throwing money down the drain.

Other then winning ad space, it can be incredibly difficult to find affordable low cost ad space when you are starting out!

My Proposal

So for the month of April, I want to offer up 5 125×125 spots on my blog to 5 frugal bloggers for $10 each. You will pay just $10 to be shown on my sidebar for the entire month of April. I will also add you to my Google Reader and try to cross promote a few posts/articles from your blog throughout the month here on Family Friendly Frugality.

In the past 30 days, my site has received over 40,000 page views (a number that continues to grow exponentially each and every day!), and I would just love to pay a little of that forward!


Read more here: Low Cost Advertising

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