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Hi all,

I have SAHM-hood thrust on me recently and so far I am loving it. I am just grasping at straws for what to do about lunch. I am very anti-lunch meat, but am drawing a complete blank. I feel silly not knowing what to feed my children, but I just don't know what to do....I would love some yummy healthy (and preferably) easy suggestions!!


BTW sorry about the random picture - I accidentally attached it and it won't let me erase it...hope you like my little guy dancing!!

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I love making really quick and easy meals for my family. Here are some recipes, along with pictures, that I have posted on my blog that will work great for lunch.

I hope that this is helpful to you.
This is great. I was planning to make a mac and cheese with bacon and broccoli anyway - I was going to just wing it, but i'll check out your recipe!! Thanks!!!
I've found no matter what you make, as long as its cut into shapes my kids will eat it. lol I make PB&J and cut it up with cookie cutters. I always hit the Holiday clearance isles, so I have a large Bunny, Heart & Star cookie cutter. Of course I'm ok with lunch meat, so I make them turkey sandwhichs also. Ramen noodles have 0 nutritional value, but they love those too. We love making Breakfast for lunch a lot. So I'll make omlettes, pancakes, scrambled eggs, all the good stuff. They love spagetti & alfredo too. Sometimes I can only get them to eat Cheese & fruit. What about chicken nuggets, or chicken fingers, something like that?
These are great suggestions. I am trying to keep cooked chicken breast on hand for sandwiches, as well as tuna, I love the idea of cutting them into shapes.

I will have to do omlettes - that's a great idea!! My son will eat pancakes all day long if we let him, but I really try to get in some more nutritional foods. Fruit is always a favorite too - I will have to start throwing in some cheese as well that's a really good idea (and with all the fruit they could really use some binding....LOL....)
What about pancake "rolls" Make thin pancakes, or crepes and roll up some fruit or even the eggs in the them, like a fruity burrito! I tell my kids they are Pancake burritos and they'll eat them whenever. lol And they are a little bit more nutritious.. Not much I know. lol
Low sugar yogurt and applesauce are big lunch time favorites in my house. We to use tortillas to make quesadillas or peanut butter and banana rolls ups. Also english muffin pizza's with whatever veggies we have on hand always go over well.
Oh I love the mini pizza idea - what a fun way to sneak in some veggies and have a fun little activity with them!!! We might just be doing this very very soon!!

And quesadillas are always one of my favorite fall backs - especially with a bunch of dipping sauces to try with it.


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