I am so very excited today! Why you might ask…other than “you” seem to be excited about “something” everyday? Well….it is because I get to share with you something that is near and dear to my heart. Today begins the first day of many of our “Marriage Extreme” giveaways! Oh! I know, you are probably thinking “Dana and another one of her giveaways”. Well, this one is EXTREMELY special! Beginning today, and EACH month for the next SIX months my husband and I will be hosting “Marriage Extreme” giveaways. Each month, we will giveaway ONE helpful and EXCITING DVD, CD, or BOOK from Jimmy and Karen Evans, the founders of Marriage Today.

Many of you know my heart for marriages and their devotion, success, and EXCITEMENT! Oh! I don’t know, maybe it is because I have been through the fire of marriage, failed, reached for God’s hand, and am now living a TRULY AWESOME marriage!!! That is why when you see my ***prayed*** symbol posted on my FB page EVERY day, you know that I have prayed for YOUR marriage! It is true. Each and every one of you, I have prayed to God for His covering, blessing, passion, and devotion to be found in your marriages. Also, for those singles, I have prayed for God to place HIS perfect help meet in your life. I know He will do it! That is why, no matter whether you are married or single, you will NOT want to miss even ONE of these giveaways!

My husband and I are partners with Marriage Today through Jimmy and Karen Evans. We believe marriages and the family are under attack today. Jimmy and Karen give married/single folks the necessary tools to encourage long-lasting marriages. That is why we are SECOND year partners of Marriage Today. And in our SECOND year partnership, we have chosen to GIVEAWAY the material fruits of our partnership in order to help other folks benefit from Jimmy and Karen’s teachings as we have for the past two years.

The first giveaway is for TWO DVDs entitled “Every Great Marriage”. The topics revealed in these two awesome DVDs are Every GREAT Husband, Every GREAT Wife, The Seven Traits of Every GREAT Marriage—Part 1,The seven Traits of Every GREAT Marriage—Part 2, 4.The Seven Traits of Every GREAT Marriage—Part 3, and The MOUNTAINTOP of Marriage. I cannot wait until the winner is selected! Oh! And if you would like to take a look at the Marriage Today’s site go to http://www.marriagetoday.com. It is full of videos and tons of reading material to help YOU and your HUBBY to have a GREAT Marriage!


To be entered to win this awesome set of DVDs, all you have to do is follow our blog! Of course, if you feel led to post a comment stating why you would love to win this set that would be GREAT!!! All followers will be entered to win this month! OK…now it is YOUR turn! FOLLOW ME!!!!  http://theadamsfamilyappletree.blogspot.com/

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