Growing up my dad was very strict on us and we never could talk to him about anything. Now that I am older, I still do not talk to him unless I need him to do something for me. That may be wrong, but at the same time he makes it hard for me to sit down and have a chit chat with him. I figured since I am an adult now and  a mother of three, that I could probably be able to get up enough nerve to tell him how I feel, but I just cannot. He gets upset now when I call and ask to speak to my mom....hello!!! It's his fault!

Here's the kicker...I am my father's child!!! I am the same way with my children. They try to talk to me or ask me a question and I am always fussing back and saying no. Why is that?? I try my best to have more patience with them. I always said that I would never be like my parents and low and behold I am the replica of my dad. Thankfully, my husband is a wonderful man and he is so much more laid back than I am. Our kids love him.

There always has to be a good cop and bad cop in a relationship. It sucks that I am the bad cop in mine.


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