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Just to clarify this is from MY point of view as everyones experience is unique :)
It is VERY easy to judge other moms and say "oh my I am NOT going to do that when I have kids". BUT just you wait...motherhood will surprise you and you might revert to things you never thought you would. 

** It is IMPERITIVE to have my ME TIME. I wake up one hour BEFORE everyone else in the house.
This allows me to have my ME TIME. If I don't get that quiet time, I just find myself more irritable.
My quiet time is: Wake up make coffee
Read scripture and journal
Some form of exercise (run, walk, yoga)
Then Brooklyn wakes up (I am ready for it now that I had my ME time) and I feed her and then make Breakfast.
Take CARE of YOURSELF so you can take care of the baby, husband, and dog!
Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally.

**Being Selfless: Life is no longer just about YOU. You now (and forever) will be a mom. Taking care of your kids HAS to happen and it is a FULL TIME JOB. If you are not ready to give of yourself, then sorry you might not be ready to be a mom.

BUT adding onto this, I didn't allow having a baby to let myself make EXCUSES not to do things I wanted to do. We travel with her everywhere, I run WITH her in the stroller, she has become my side kick going to work, shopping, meetings, ect. 
You can easily make the excuses as a mom, " I have to lug the baby, so I am not going" or "I just had a baby so I am going to lay low".
I was also very motivated to get back in shape, and signed up for a half marathon, which helped a ton! Running a half marathon 4 months after a baby.

***It will be the BIGGEST RESPONSIBILITY you take on...EVER.
 Even when you are away from your baby you are thinking about them and worrying about them. "Are they fed, did I pack everything, did they get enough sleep" the list goes on and it never ends :) ***

**Do NOT ever BANK on getting a GOOD nights sleep: This way when you do, you will be surprised and grateful. Just when you think you have a sleeping pattern down, a new stage hits and they are up :) aka teething for us now. You will be surprised at how you can survive off so little sleep = being a mom. Now you know the term zombiemom and totally empathize for all the moms out there.
**Groceries. PLAN PLAN PLAN. I cannot go grocery shopping without a list. My mind is everywhere and I WILL forget at least one essential item. 
I have to plan foods for every occasion, especially now that Brooklyn is eating more solids. I try to shop by what is on sale and then adding in our essentials/favorites.
We go through A TON of eggs every week. Cheap and nutritious!
**Everything takes longer, and I mean EVERYTHING. I plan to leave the house 15 min before I need to be somewhere. Literally if you looked at my schedule I put that I teach a class at 5:45 instead of 6:00 so I trick my brain into thinking I need to get there. 
Better EARLY than late.

**Do NOT STRESS if things don't go as PLANNED: I am a planner. I plan out everything in my day. When you have a little one to take care of, things DO NOT always go as planned.  Try not to stress and make the best of every situation. 
Do not overbook yourself, because you will find that taking care of the baby is work and the worst thing is having to cancel on someone or get overwhelmed
**NEVER leave the house without snacks and on the go food.
This is NOT just for Brooklyn but for myself too! I find myself hungry at the least convenient times. I am a stickler for not wanting to go through drive throughs, so this means I need to have go to snacks always packed in the car. 
My favorites: Apple, Bars, Protein Shake, Almonds
Brooklyns: Crackers (ritz and graham) Buddyfruits, Orange slices

**Breastfeeding: ALWAYS plan in advance when and where you can feed your baby. 
YES it is convenient (you ARE the food), but it is a job too! I am VERY thankful I had a good supply and knowing I was able to feed Brooklyn fully off of me for this long. It is WORK though. The baby FULLY relies on you for food, and that is a BIG task. I hate pumping, but sometimes it HAS to be done.
 Story of being a MOM, things HAVE to be done whether you like it or not.
**Do not compare: I do get weekly emails on baby updates and what your baby should be doing now. I do NOT worry about if Brooklyn has hit that milestone or not. 
As everyone should know (adults and kids) everyBODY is unique. We will all progress in our own timing.
All I can control is what I teach her and what I give her (nutritionally).

Biggest advice here is to ASK other moms. I would SO MUCH RATHER get advice from a mom who I admire than read it from an article. My two sense :)
**You are THE ROLE MODEL: This one is a little bit scary. WHY? Well it is a HUGE job knowing that you (both parents) are going to have the BIGGEST impact on your childs life. This means watch every move you make and every word you say because 
I want to be true to my words.
I want to set good examples in how I live out my life.
I want to keep my priorities STRAIGHT.
1. God (faith)
2. Family
3. Work/ Friends


For them how to do your least favorite thing, laundry :)

** Take a step back and spend QUALITY TIME with your kids: It is SO easy to get caught up in the everyday life and craziness that you don't just enjoy the simple things.
I make it a goal to DAILY get on the ground with Brooklyn and live life FROM HER EYES.
I literally sit down on the ground with her and crawl, read, laugh, play, you name it.
I try to come down to her level and let her know I AM THERE and she has my 

Did I always want to be a mom? YES! I have ALWAYS wanted to be a mom, even when I was little I remember playing "mom". It really is a dream come true being Brooklyns mom, but it is also the biggest  CHALLENGE in my life yet. 
But also the BEST CHANGE.

How did you know you were READY to be a mom? HA. Thats a funny one. 
You will NEVER be totally READY to be a mom. You are constantly learning every single day. You will make mistakes, but you will also learn from them. 
Every aspect of my life has changed, and I couldn't be happier. Just had to adjust ;)

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