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OK, let's hear it! What goals or resolutions do you have planned for your mom blog? Are you vowing to blog more consistently, with better posts, and more creative ideas? Or, are you resolving to finally become a review blogger with major inside connections with PR firms? Do you plan to land a blogging job with a major media company, or even turn your blog into a book proposal? Yes, it has happened before. What about doubling your traffic? Or, gaining more subscribers?

What's in store for your mom blog in 2009?

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I recently wrote a post about my blogging resolutions at Blissfully Domestic.

But I do intend to add to that list. I just received a paid blogging job with a network and have made the 2nd round of hiring for another. It's a great start to 2009!
I want to get my review blog more organized in terms of content and style. I'm also thinking of expanding by having other bloggers post reviews there as well.
Increase my readership. I'm not concerned about empty traffic. But I would like more folks who read/reply/subscribe/comment consistently.

It's about developing relationship with folks - something I woefully neglected over the course of the past year.
I would like to grow the two new blogs, Smart Baby Kid & Ask Baby Kid. I'd also be thrilled to get a BlogHer sponsorship and attend the conference to learn more about blogging.

For more mom blog goals and a blogger-only giveaway, check out "Smart Mom Bloggers & A Big Blog Giveaway."
My Goals

blog consistently
acquire 1 new client a month
write at least 4 articles (paid) a month
complete book proposal
complete screenplay
draft memoir
I have so many things I want to do but they all are intended to make the blog more professional so that I can monetize it. I want to:

1. Redesign it
2. Learn more about SEO
3. Establish an advertising/review policy with ad rates
4. Work on branding so that the blog, my Twitter page and business cards all have the same look and feel
So far I'm very pleased with how things are going so my goals for 09 are small and attainable. I want to:

* update a few of the graphics
* increase/maintain frequency of posts
* achieve greater balance between content / giveaways
* post some how-to / tutorial type things
* focus, focus, focus
* update some SEO stuff, tags etc.

that's about it - if I do all of the above I'll continue to see an increase in readership which is my ultimate goal.
Wow...where to begin? This is a long list because I tend to be a 'goal-setter' kind of girl.

1) Reach out to other Mom Bloggers to develop more relationships (attend conferences, etc) I am going to Blissdom - that's a start, right?
2) Increase commenting on other sites as well as comments on my own posts (I know I get visitors, just not as much comment luv as I would like)
3) Learn more about SEO and social networking sites
4) Increase readership/hits (Let's aim high and say I would like to triple my current hits)
5) Establish a writing routine to keep from feeling overwhelmed
6) Triple my Technorati rating
7) Generate more revenue from affiliate marketing and advertising
8) Respond to all commenters
9) Increase freelance writing and speaking engagements

OK...I should probably get started....lots of work for me to do!
i want to really start monetizing my mom blog. happy new year, and all the best for everyone!
I want to start commenting on more people's blogs. I also really want to start reading more noew blogs. Another goal is to make my blog "prettier" this year. I also want to figure out how I can get advertising on my blog. I am not a complete SAHM, but with triplets I only go out to go to work 2 days a week. I really use my blog as an outlet to the world also. I know another mom said that too, but it is so true for me!
For 2009 I would like to continue to grow as a blogger and make some more connections that could lead to more readers and more opportunities!

I also would like to kick around getting into having advertising...and maybe even reviews? Who knows!
1. develop better writing skills
2. add the www. to my URL :)


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