I am offering a free "My Hare Line" book with the purchase of "My Hare Line Meets the Brown Rabbit" and "My Hare Line and the Dead Pine Tree".  Order from my website and to receive your free autographed copy.  http://patsymhenry.tatepublishing.net/


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Hi Patsy,

I was an elementary school teacher, in Houston, Texas, for 14 years and then an Elementary Language Arts Specialist for 8. I LOVE BOOKS! My little girls are book lovers, as well, thankfully. I stopped working, for a couple years, when my youngest was born...worked as a professor part-time, and then dove into a whole new world or work this past May....still learning... 

Please tell me more about what you have written.


Hi Jennifer:

I've written 4 children's books about my bunnies.  My husband gave me a bunny for Easter in 2003.  We took lots of photos and learned by taking care of the bunnies.  When I retired in 2008, I decided to write a story about them.   My first book is "My Hare Line" and it is nonfiction.  The 3 that followed are fiction, although much of the story is based on actual events. The stories are written from the rabbits prospective.  I use photos of my bunnies in all my books to help tell the stories.  I could go on and on about it!  I have a My Hare Line fan page on Facebook.  I would love it if you could visit that and "like" me.  My web page is http://patsymhenry.tatepublishing.net/  You said that you dove into a whole new world and are still learning.  What are you doing?




HOW FUN! I am going to LIKE your page after I write  ( :

After teaching and while staying home, I wrote curriculum for a school district, presented staff development -all still in the education field. And then, suddenly, I found myself in a marketing position -community relations- with an online social media company. I participate in local Houston events, run free, online fundraisers for schools, charities, groups, & organizations...I  team up with others for various events...

Our company, Plum District, is focused on moms and kids - our sales women are local moms, who work with local businesses to find deals for other local moms....I have met so many wonderful people in the last three months, and I have learned SO MUCH about Houston!  NEVER did I see myself not teaching little kids - I like them - and I will most likely return..but for now, this is wonderful.  (  :

It sounds like you are having an amazing time!  I have always felt like I led a "sheltered life."  I get wrapped up in my little world, and never look outside and realize there is so much more.  I just got home from Curves, and, as usual, the Curves owner, Lucy Yeats, has graciously offered to have a book signing for me.  Now I'm excited about my new book!

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