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My Non-Blogging Friends and Family Think Blogging Is.....

There is definitely a disconnect between those who blog and those who don't. What do your non-blogging friends and family think about blogging?

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My fiance supports me in what I do. But others don't really see why I do it. And try to get my name out there and make my blog well-known as well as making connections.
I will echo the "they don't get it" sentiments. Though, my true friends are pretty supportive... family is less so.

The worst is when people say things like, "Who wants to read the details of YOUR life??"

No clue people. Seriously.

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My own mother doesn't "get it." What is a blog? And why do people blog?

She asks those questions with a tone of sarcasm to her voice, almost as if she thinks I'm a narcissist for blogging. But wait, I am a bit of a narcissist right? Aren't we all? We believe we have something worth saying that others might want to read. The truth is that I love to blog. I love to share little tidbits of information and pictures and stories. I'd like to have a million followers but I'll settle with the few that I have and blog as if I have million.

And if my own mother never leaves a comment or brings my blog up when we talk, even though I know she sees all of my posts of facebook, that's ok. I'll keep blogging and pretend she's reading it anyway.


They think I spend way too much time on my computer! I find myself feeling guilty every time I sit down; they definitely don't get that it's a job and a passion for me. I have a hard time even talking about it to them most times because they honestly don't want to know about it.

My husband, however, is very supportive and loves to help me brainstorm on ways to grow my blog. Gotta love my hubbie. :)


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My non-blogging friends call me a nerd for having a blog. I tell them that it's ok, I like being a nerd. I guess some people just don't get it, but I don't "get" a lot of things that other people do, either! I just make sure not to put anything too personal on my page that I don't want any family or friends reading. It bit me in the butt a few years ago so I won't do it again, lol
Most of my non blogging friends love to come read my blog, but mainly just don't understand how I can keep up with it everyday and blog about everything. My husband use to blog, but doesn't any more. I think I am starting to drive him batty since I have started blogging everyday. I went to take a picture last night of his plate of food because it was really pretty and it was a new recipe. I wanted to do a blog on the recipe. He snapped a little and said can't we have some privacy lol. I tend to have no filter sometimes.
They don't get it. Family and friends think it's neat and compliment a lot of the things I review but have yet to leave a comment on any of the posts. I just don't think non-bloggers really get the amount of time and energy we put into blogging.
I too, do not get much support--even my mother thinks its "silly". I have been doing this less than a year, though, so many the support will come. I did not get alot of respect from my husband for the first six monthes, but when we get free Glee tickets this past spring, he started to take it more seriously. I am sure he would take it much more seriously if I were actually earning money, LOL. (I think I have made a whole $4.95 on Google Adsense)

I read all of your stories about how family and friends are not supportive of your blogs, and I just do not get it. What are we missing? I look at my blog as an online magazine, and I am the publisher. My followers are my "subscribers". They get a free online magazine and content without those nasty subscription fees of print magazines. Sure, there are many areas I want to "expand and grow" to give a full experience for my viewers, but I want to build a quality "brand" for them, and that takes time. I am sure that is the case for all of you too. Why can't our family/friends understand that?
my mom doesn't like that i am sharing a very personal story on the internet for anyone to see but it is my story to share and people can read it or not. doesn't matter to me. i just want a place to document my first year as a stay at home mom. period.
My S/O doesn't even know I blog. I don't think he'd like it. He is pretty old fashioned!
They don't really understand it. But I let them know it is a great business tool. Most people think it is about get on your horse and telling people about your opinions. Yes it is but it is so much more than that. I have few people I am going to help get their blog started and show them what I know. I am excited.
They see it as a waste of time and refuse to read it or talk about it.


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