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My Non-Blogging Friends and Family Think Blogging Is.....

There is definitely a disconnect between those who blog and those who don't. What do your non-blogging friends and family think about blogging?

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Basically they think it's a waste of time to read blogs, bloglists simply not part of their daily Web routine---ah! UNLESS they come across a really useful (to them) site. Then suddenly the light bulb goes on (for a while, anyway) and I'm asked things like, "Do you know about these strange and wonderful things called blogs?", despite my asking friends or family to view my own.
exactly. it is hard to get "real" friends (as opposed to those we meet on line) to take a look! although occasionally I'll have people randomly tell me they read my blog and then I start to wonder...
Easy and rewarding. They see the "goodies" that I share with them as well as my readers, but they don't see the hard work that I put into my blog. (My husband does though!)
My non-blogging friends and family think blogging is "cute." I don't think some of them understand the point of it I guess some of them don't see it as the creative outlet that it can be.
Hi Jennifer,
They think it's...Insane...My mom thinks I am putting my business out for all the world to see. I say, why noy? I have nothing to hide. There is a SERIOUS disconnect between those who don't blog. They don't understand it and it's a pain trying to explain it. They act as if I am doing this alone when there are thousands who are also doing this... Great question to ask...
One of two things: Cool or nothing special! :-)
They think it's nice! I started my blog specifically for my husband when he is away for long periods of time, but now other family members who don't see us often get a taste of what's going on with my troops!
Most of my non-blogging family members, friends and acquaintances think it's pretty interesting and cool.
They dont think about and business associates, think its odd as well which is interesting since all them are in marketing and advertising. One of the benefits to being unemployed is that I have found somehting I love and really learned first hand about the entire social media/networking arena which is more than I can say for them.
Most of them think it's something I do for "fun" and don't take it seriously. Others think it's awesome and understand the potential of it all...
Usually at first, they look at me like I'm speaking a foreign language, but recently I sent all my friends and family a link to my blog and many of them said they loved it and wished they'd checked it out sooner. i think many still don't "get it," but at least they are willing to look now. I always run into one who thinks it's just stupid and don't understand why "i bother."
Most of my family and friends don't understand it at all, especially when I try to explain what I do on Mom Made That! My grandma REALLY doesn't get it, but then again, she doesn't get the internet. :)

You're right, there is a disconnect, and because of that, most don't take it as serious as we do. My dad was surprised that people actually purchase ad space on my sites. I told him that I worked very hard to get to that point!

I suppose blogging is my secret life. Ha!


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