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Hello! My name is Molly and I've been blogging for about two months now.

I'm looking for some fellow mom bloggers to visit my blog and report back with their first impressions. Pretty please?

Here are some of the questions I'd love answered:

What do you think my blog is about? Does it seem like more of a personal or professional blog? After spending 30-60 seconds there, are you ready to click away or read more? Would you subscribe?

I know that seems like a lot, but I'm just looking for a bunch of people to go and spend 60 seconds over at my place and let me know what they think. Constructive critisim is welcomed!

I appreciate it so much!

Momma Molly

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If you would like to stop mine too...

First of all... I love your girl's pictures. She is BEAUTIFUL!

What I noticed right away... there are empty spots in the layout that you might want to fill up with buttons of places you like, advertisements, favorite pictures, I don't know... but don't leave them empty because it looks incomplete. Other than that, I love your label topics, and I would recommend to post just like 3 posts per page in the home page (this you can control in the Settings tab in Blogger).

Ah.. and there is a place that explains you how to remove the blogger header on top, to make it look like any other website and I truly recommend this site to you since I learned a lot of tricks and tips from there:

Hope this helps! :)

I am a follower! :)
The layout is a bit odd, I had to scroll down quite a bit to find your posts. Also your "about me" is not written in first person, why not?
Cute site, but I would put things like "about me" and google friend connect on your sidebar. A 3 column template might be something you'd want to look into.
I had one when I was on blogger: Here's my old template:
Thanks everybody...keep them coming!

Leyda - Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm following you now too!

Jamie - The post should be right at the shouldn't have to scroll at all...? For the about me, I just have an old bio in there that I used for another writing job. Now that you are mentioning it, I don't think I've ever seen anyone else with an about me in the 3rd person. Thanks!

Tiffany - I thought that was a three column template! What do you mean?
I would definitely subscribe to your blog. Beautiful photos of your daughter, clean layout looks like all the pieces are in the right place to me. Good Job.
Okay, so now I've had two people tell me that they had to scroll to find my posts.

I'm totally confused - When I view my blog, I have three columns - with the middle column showing my posts. How are you all seeing it?

Do you think it could be a browser issue?
I think the layout is a bit stretched out. I think there should be columns. But, other than that, pretty nice. Scrolling down so far is a bit weird to me, at least.
For those of you who have to scroll to see my posts - what browser are you using?

I'm really glad I started this thread - I had no idea people were seeing a distorted version of my site.

On my browser (IE), I have three columns with the posts right up at the top, like a normal blog. I'm just trying to figure out what is causing people to see a wierd version of my site.
I am using IE 7 and I see 3 columns where they should be. I opened Firefox and the columns were skewed.
Thanks, Karen. That's what I was afraid of.

Does anyone know how to configure your template to be compatible with both IE and FF?


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