I've been blogging for years, but I'm new to the site and sharing my blog. I'm looking for some followers and I'll follow right back : )  Have a great weekend and check out my blog... http://nikkipullen.blogspot.com/  Thanks!!!




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Hello Nikki, I am following you! Here is mine http://articlesautismdisabilityinformation.blogspot.com/
following....check out my blog at www.iamcurlylocks.blogspot.com

Safiyyah Abdurrahman said:

Hi, I am following you please follow me back.My blog is http://newyearsresolutionexercise.blogspot.com.Thanks

 You have an interesting blog by the way.I love doing surveys also!

Just checked it out. Nice, I'll be following. I'm new too. Everyone, be sure to follow. I follow back, comment and click :)

Hot Mocha Mommy

Thanks!!!  I'll be sure to follow back : )


Added ur blog to my follow list Please check out my blog and follow back?




Thank U so Much,


Connie C

Hi Everyone, I’m co-hosting a Fab Thursday Blog Hop. I’d love for you to visit and add your blog URL to the list. I had over 130 blogs who linked up last week. Blog hopping is a great way for you to gain exposure and get more followers:


Here is mine!




I followed you!!! :)

Thanks everyone for such a warm response!!!  I have another favor:

I'm starting my own website and I need stories for my site.  I'm looking for parenting tips, crafts, recipes, traveling ideas, birth stories, unique families or anything that goes along with parenting.  I'd love for fellow bloggers to share their stories on my site and share their blogs.  The website is brand new..(I've been working on it for a small eternity it seems)...and I want to build it up and go public with it soon.  Check out my site and let me know if any of you guys would be interested in adding your stories and blogs!!!  Thanks so much!!!




Here is my email...




and here is my personal blog...




Thanks guys!!!

following :)


would love a follow back




Hello! I am Melissa from and then there were three! I peeked over at your blog, I love it, and you ttwo cockroaches! They are adorable!


Please visit and then there were three, and follow as well!



Following check out my blog at www.iamcurlylocks.blogspot.com

Becky Beitzel said:

following :)


would love a follow back


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