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I did out of need....signed up to become an Independent Associate for Pre-paid Legal. But, I must be I'm struggling with my Avon Business.  So, I went from being a customer to being a Business Associate ( all in one week). With Pre-Paid Legal, we do offer the opportunity to sign up.  It's a Work-At-Home Opportunity.  It's a great business that allows you to work at home.

So, I was a customer, and a very pleased one,. This is my story.  A friend of mine has been in Pre-Paid Legal for 6 years - same amount of time that I've been involved with Avon.  I needed legal assistance, and he referred me to the right plan, the right attorney, so I signed up.  

Within a week, this attorney was available, he was talking to me by phone. I had to overnight him everything I had about my case.  Everything he told me he would do, he did, and I'm very pleased with the service I received.  So, yes I will promote them, because I believe legal service should be available for all people, not such the rich people.

Since I'm learning how to be a successful Pre-Paid Legal Associate, I'm also learning about how many people really do not have a will in place, something to protect themselves, and their families. I offering to help anyone that might need it.

Personally,  I never thought about it too much, my husband and I got a will done when our children were little - they've since grown up.  And, we need to update that will.  With Pre-Paid  Legal Services we can do it without it costing us a fortune.

Did you know a regular practicing attorney can charge you for a simple service starting at $400 a half hour?   I personally couldn't afford their services.  I just wanted them to send a customer of mine a letter - telling her they were going to take her to court if she didn't pay me the money she owed me. 

I needed an attorney's signature on a piece of paper to show her I meant business. The attorney that got assigned to my case, he was amazing.  I cannot praise him enough.  He went out of his way to make sure we both were on the same page, and what I wanted to accomplish was what he was going to do for me.  

A long story short, the letter was sent to my client.  Within 24 hours, she responded to the letter, made arrangements to have a cashiers check overnighted to my attorney's office, and within a day or so, I received the check. 

It's ridiculious, a small business person like myself would need to use an attorney for assistance, but I had to do something.  The customer owed me $500.00 and she already had the products.  I was out for the products, I had to come up with the monies to pay for my Avon account so I could remain in good standing, and I had to pay bounced check fees from my own bank.

As a small business owner,  I had done everything that I was supposed to do, but  with PrePaid Legal attorney - he took the step a little further.  And, the results he achieved was great for me and my little business.

So, in a round about way - I'm asking all the Mom's here, if they are seeking any type of legal assistance?  I'd be glad to assist you.  I don't have a website yet, still working on that.  All I have is my blog.  My case was business related; yours could be personal.  I am here to offer any type of assistance, if any is needed.  I'm just starting out in this business, so I'm still in the learning stages.  My new blog I'm still working on it is,   Pre-Paid Legal is on it.

For the family plan, the cost equals to about a cup of coffee a day.  And, it offers a gift of peace to so many that are in turmoil.  There are all kinds of problems that could eventually - push you to the point that you would need someone to represent you on your behalf.

You can email me at


Teresa Ferenz
Teresa's Avon Biz & Pre-Paid Legal

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