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Newbie Bloggers and Getting Followers to Your Facebook Page

Hi fellow newbie bloggers! I started blogging less than a year ago and just recently added a Facebook page to my blog. I wanted to start this new thread about getting followers, since the other one was started two years ago--people's responses were getting buried! 

I write about all the fun and chaos that comes with raising two, little girls, not a whole two years apart in age. I can be serious and extremely sarcastic.

I Would love to have more followers on Facebook! Add a link to your Facebook page, too, and I will definitely LIKE it in return!

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Hi, Emily! I just "liked" your Facebook page.  I am already enjoying it.  I am following your blog as well, and I'm so glad to have found it!

I have been blogging since June 22nd. :-) It is cathartic and overwhelming all at the same time.  

If you have time, check me out here -

My FB page is -

Breann I just followed you on FB.  Mine is

Mom of Monsters! <-- subscribe to me!

My fb is Here!

And ! become part of the Snuggle Bear Den !!

New blog here!

Hey just followed on both of your links.

Would really love it if you could do the same please

Thanks xx


I'm following. Can you please follow me at



would love for you to like mine too! I just liked your page

Hi, I liked your Facebook page. I just started my blog a few weeks ago (my little boy is 5.5 months old). Would you recommend creating a FB page right away or wait until I have more followers?




Katie W.

Hi Katie,

I liked your page. Can you please like mine?




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